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Without the help of our sponsors Leading the Product wouldn’t exist. We appreciate the partnerships we have and the support we get from our sponsors.

Leading the Product is so much fun to be a part of and giving back to the community is really rewarding. We are looking for more sponsors to make Leading the Product even bigger and better so if you are interested then click on the button below to be part of the team behind the conference. We can chat about the options available.





Founded in 2004, Brainmates provides professional Product Management and Marketing experience to medium to large organisations. Using a repeatable and flexible Product Management Framework Brainmates helps clients deliver products to market that customers love.


SEEK is a diverse group of companies that have a unified purpose to help people live more fulfilling and productive working lives and help organisations succeed. Over the 17 years of operation SEEK continues to innovate within the markets it operates in. SEEK provides a culture of excellence and acceptance in their workplaces and celebrates the diversity of employees that contribute to the success of their organisation.


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Algolia helps product builders connect their users with what matters most via a hosted search API which delivers lightning-fast, relevant search results anywhere in the world.

Algolia is the most reliable platform for building search. Our hosted search API supplies the building blocks for creating great search to connect your users with what matters most to them. Our hosted search API powers billions of queries for thousands of websites & mobile applications every month, delivering relevant results in an as-you-type search experience in under 50ms anywhere in the world. Algolia’s full-stack solution takes the pain out of building search; we maintain the infrastructure & the engine, and we provide extensive documentations to our dozens of up-to-date API clients and SDKs with all the latest search features, so you can focus on delighting your users.


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‘Clients drive our world’ is the core MYOB value. Our solutions are built for businesses of all shapes, sizes and sectors – from start-ups to well established operations, including those operating nationally and internationally. We help businesses grow from a single entrepreneur all the way through having hundreds of employees.

Russell Reynolds

We find the very best people for your role and culture by identifying expected and unexpected candidates.We focus on building long-term relationships with talented people globally. We understand their skills and what motivates them. We have 47 offices in North and South America, EMEA and Asia/Pacific.​ Our interconnected network of leaders can drive the growth and success of your business.​

BT Financial Group

BT Financial Group is one of Australia’s leading wealth management companies, which has been helping Australians protect, manage and grow their wealth since 1969. We provide our customers with a full spectrum of wealth services, including investment, superannuation and retirement income products, investment platforms, financial advice, private banking and insurance solutions.

At BT Financial Group (BTFG) we place our customers at the centre of everything we do. We are committed to constantly seeking ways to help our customers and their families prepare for their best financial future, for the here and now and for generations to come. Our people are the biggest advocates of this philosophy, creating a culture that is driven, accountable and more importantly compassionate. We care about our customers and are passionate about making things better and easier for them.


Auth0 is the modern way to solve customer identity. They work with leading digital product teams to provide them simple, powerful and developer-friendly identity building blocks so you can free up resources to focus on product innovation. Product teams that have turned to Auth0 include, The Iconic, ansarada, Siteminder, NewsCorp and Atlassian.


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