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sponsors make this possible

The Sponsors of LTP SEASON PASS are organisations who support Product-Led Transformations. Some help power them. Others have been through one themselves. Consider them when you look for roles or shop for vendors, because without them this would not be possible.

Platinum Sponsor


SEEK’s portfolio of diverse businesses make a positive impact on a truly global scale, and our unified purpose helps people live more fulfilling and productive working lives and helps organisations succeed. We create world-class technology solutions to connect more people to relevant employment, education, small business and volunteer opportunities. We have a culture of high-performance in our workplaces and celebrate the diversity of our employees who contribute to the success of our organisation.

Gold Sponsor


Founded in 2004, Brainmates has been championing Product-Led Practices for nearly 20 years. We deliver a combination of services to help you DO what needs to get done, TEACH product management skils and thinking to empower whole teams, and work with your business to activate the CHANGE to a Product-Led Transformation.

Brainmates is again proud to be supporting the ‘Leading the Product’​ conference to bring together Product Professionals from all over the region.


Whether it’s delivering at a faster pace, creating new products, enhancing customer experiences or radically improving efficiency, Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides services that enable companies to focus on seeking value instead of building solutions from the ground up. Visit our page to find out how we’ve helped largest Australian enterprises, software companies and startups to innovate faster, accelerate product release cycles and ultimately build a future ready business on AWS.

AWS Insights

Silver Sponsor

ELMO Software

Founded in 2002, ELMO (ASX:ELO) is Australia and New Zealand’s only integrated cloud HR, payroll and rostering / time & attendance solution, offering you:

  • ONE vendor
  • ONE dashboard
  • ONE user-experience.

ELMO is the fastest growing HR tech company in the region. We provide innovative cloud HR, payroll and rostering / time & attendance solutions to more than 1,700 organisations across APAC, helping them to manage, engage, and inspire their people.


We have some exciting new options to get your message out there.

New in 2021: not only do you get the opportunity to get your message in front of 1,000 product professionals at the conference but we have sponsorship levels that continue throughout the LTP SEASON, and give you exciting new ways to extend your reach and your brand exposure.

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