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Caitlin Blackwell

Head of Product, SEEK

Caitlin BlackwellCaitlin is a Head of Product at SEEK, leading a team of Product Managers to solve problems for jobseekers. She has responsibility for the Asia Pacific, Region, with a large focus on capturing candidate data to improve the candidate and hirer experience. She’s driven by seeing teams succeed and her team members grow, while improving alignment and efficient problem solving across the SEEK marketplace. Caitlin divides her time between Melbourne and her family farm, balancing product management with manual labour.

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Using Risks and Rewards to Solve Problems and Make Better Decisions
As Product People, we don’t have full autonomy over the problems we solve. There are often stakeholders to involve, disruptive voices to pacify and budgets to stick to. What can help is working with our stakeholders to define our product goals. Caitlin will provide a framework for framing the right questions and setting goals through using opposing risk and reward concepts. She will then show how setting the right product goal (reward) and identifying risks early can help your Products be more successful.


Frank McKenna


Frank McKennaFrank is a seasoned product management veteran, with over 20 years’ experience across three continents and five industries, launching many successful award-winning products.

He is currently the Chief Product Officer of, a fast growing global non-for-profit tech company that wants to change the way the world creates and uses knowledge. Covidence’s big idea is to reduce the time it takes insights to move from researchers to decision makers from years to months.

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The Power of Purpose
Frank will take us through the lessons learned from creating “living guidelines” for medical practitioners during the Covid-19 pandemic. He will explain how having a clear Purpose can unify diverse teams and motivate them to achieve more and deliver greater value to their customers.


April Dunford

Author of 'Obviously Awesome: How to Nail Product Positioning'

April DunfordApril Dunford is an executive consultant, speaker, and author who helps technology companies make complicated products easy for customers to understand and love. She is a globally recognised expert in positioning and market strategy. April has run marketing and sales teams at a series of successful technology startups and has launched 16 products into market. She is also a board member, investor, and advisor to dozens of high-growth businesses and the author of the bestselling book Obviously Awesome: How to Nail Product Positioning so Customers Get it, Buy it, Love it.

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How to Compete and Win Against Powerful Competitors
We operate in crowded markets and struggle to reach customers that are overwhelmed with choices. Strategic product positioning has never been more important and yet most companies fail at it. In this talk, April will show you how to assess your product’s positioning and what to do if it’s weak. She will walk you through a process for positioning around your strengths and how to strategically choose a market context that makes those strengths obvious to customers. Lastly, April will show a series of examples of companies that unlocked rapid revenue growth through a strategic shift in positioning.


Steven Haines

Founder: Sequent Learning Networks and author of "The Product Manager's Survival Guide"

Steven HainesSteven Haines’ ideas and books have contributed to corporate growth strategies for more than two decades. His enthusiasm and focus have contributed to best-selling business books that include the Product Manager’s Desk Reference (2e), The Product Manager’s Survival Guide (2e), and The Business Acumen Handbook. Steven Is the founder and CEO of Sequent Learning Networks, an internationally positioned training and organisational advisory services firm focusing on product management excellence. He’s also the founder of The Business Acumen Institute, a training company that builds business and leadership skills. In his corporate life, he was a business leader at Oracle, and AT&T.

Speaking on

Optimising Product Performance
Many product managers are concerned with designs, features, and other items that nurture a product’s capability or functionality. However, new features or user experiences represent only a portion of the work required to effectively manage a product’s business. To fully optimise the performance – that is, the business contributions of the product to the company, product managers need to pay attention to aspects of the product’s business that can streamline operations, fine-tune processes, and improve product profitability. Steven will discuss how to develop a data-driven mindset so you can think strategically, act with purpose and deliver real benefit to the bottom line.


Christine Sou

Product Lead, TransferWise

Christine SouChristine has spent nine+ years building and launching consumer technology products in the games, marketplace, and fintech industries. These products have impacted 250+ million people and contributed to over US$1 billion in revenue. Currently, she’s the Product Lead for Australia & New Zealand at TransferWise, a fintech on a mission to make international payments faster, cheaper, and more convenient. Christine also leads Women in Product in Singapore.

Speaking on

Differentiate Through Pricing
An inside look at TransferWise’s pricing principles and how they’ve guided teams to make better product decisions, ultimately driving 10x customer growth.

Patrick Campbell

Founder/CEO, ProfitWell

Patrick CampbellPatrick Campbell is the Founder and CEO of ProfitWell. Its suite of tools plug into your subscription management system and provide turnkey solutions to reduce churn, optimise pricing, and ensure your revenue recognition is audit proof. ProfitWell’s flagship metrics product also powers the subscription financial metrics for over twenty thousand subscription companies. Prior to ProfitWell Patrick led strategic initiatives for Boston- based Gemvara and was an economist with Google and the US Intelligence community.

Speaking on

Pushing Monetization Forward
Pricing is like the mythical creature of strategy. From seed startups to seasoned enterprise behemoths, there’s an alarming level of pricing the world is merely guessing on – and ProfitWell has the data to prove it. Join Co-Founder and CEO, Patrick Campbell, in a monetisation session to unpack what they’ve extracted from over 18,000 companies on value-based pricing strategy, and why getting it wrong is not an option. You’ll uncover the top pitfalls and strategic insights specifically for product teams and leaders, as well as tactical tools to increase revenue and customer satisfaction.


Klaas Raaijmakers

Head of Product, Stan

Klaas Raaijmakers

Klaas’s background in design and marketing has helped him make user centricity pivotal to every opportunity he has tackled. He always starts with the user problem to solve, followed closely by the why. Why now and why us? What makes us uniquely placed to solve this problem?

During his career Klaas has worked on the product development and marketing of innovative products like smart-home technology with Nokia, public wifi hotspots, mobile broadband, Optus Sport and the scheduling app Deputy. He is now leading product, design and quality for the streaming service Stan, entertaining millions of Australians every day across apps on TV, web and mobile.

Speaking on

Product Led Promotion
Some products and services sell themselves. They need no marketing and no selling. Why is this? What do these products and services have in common? What user behaviour do they tap into and how can you leverage this to improve your products & services?

In this talk Klaas will explore the power of product-led promotion. He will show how understanding and increasing your users’ commitment unlocks significant growth opportunities.


Jeremiah Lee

Engineering Manager, InVision

Jeremiah LeeJeremiah discovered the power of platforms as an early developer on social networks and smartphones. He’s since helped Fitbit, InVision, and Spotify turn their products into platforms as a product manager and engineer. Jeremiah currently works as Engineering Manager at InVision, in Stockholm, Sweden.

Speaking on

Failed Squad Goals
When Jeremiah started working at Spotify he was excited to see the famed “Spotify Squad model” in action. When he started he learned that the reality was very different and that the Spotify model had only ever been aspirational and never fully implemented. Since leaving Spotify Jeremiah wanted to set the record straight, explain why the Spotify model didn’t work and why it’s unlikely to work for other companies either. He will go on to recommend other ways of achieving the Squad model’s aims, without treading the same path.

Kate Leto

Author of "Hiring Product Managers"

Kate LetoKate Leto’s product management and marketing background spans more than 25 years. She has had a front-row seat to the evolving ways products are discovered, defined, built and delivered. Kate now acts as a consultant, coach, and advisor; helping organisations create authentic, high-performing cultures, teams and products. She has consulted all round the world, guiding clients from JP Morgan to The Financial Times, and the UK’s Ministry of Justice. Kate’s new book, Hiring for Product EQ, helps organisations employ people that improve their culture and don’t just replicate the status quo. The book will be released soon.

Speaking on

Build a Balanced Product Practice Through Hiring
Product people select from a variety of tools that live in our virtual toolbox to solve a problem. Given the technologies we’re working with are often new, there’s no sure way to solve that problem. So, there’s a lot of experimentation and trial and error. But teams of product people won’t know for sure until they try. This takes a lot of practice. Come and learn the secret Product Management sauce of building a great product practice.

Lightning talks

Quinnie Chen

Product and Design Manager

Qunnie ChenQuinnie has been working in product management, design and digital experience over the last 5+ years. While her experience managing corporate, scale up and start up teams provided invaluable experience, Quinnie believes her deepest understanding of product principles came after the arrival of her baby boy.

Quinnie’s role has recently been made redundant due to COVID-19, please reach out to Quinnie if you know a role you think might suit her.

Speaking on

3 Tips on Creating the Product of Love
Quinnie Chen is a Product Manager, and a mum. While she was a Product Manager first, now that she’s a mum she has a deeper understanding of both Product Management and leadership. In her talk Quinnie will share how she has applied the lessons she has learnt as a first time parent to her Product Management craft.

David Wang

Founder Product Tree

David WangDavid Wang is a product leader with 15 years of product experience from startups to corporates. Currently, David is coaching next-gen PMs the art of Product Management at Product Tree. Before starting Product Tree, David was the Head of Product for fintech startup SocietyOne.

Speaking on

How to be a Product Management Mixed Martial Artist
We get piecemeal information from blogs, podcasts, and many other sources. If we want to be great Product Managers we shouldn’t take information at face value. Instead we should categorise it into one of the 3 areas: is it a Mindset, Process or Tool? We should interrogate it and see how it fits into this existing knowledge framework. Does it agree with, contrast, or build on things that we already know or are generally accepted in Product Management? Ideally, you will end up with at least one mindset, process and tool for each important Product Management concept. Not only will this help you advance to more senior Product positions – you’ll become a Product Management Mixed Martial Artist (PM-MMA) in no time!