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Our ambassadors

Jamie Finnegan

Global Head of Talent, Finder

Jamie FinneganJamie has extensive experience working with top Australian startups to help hire talent, consult on growth strategy, and advise on company values and culture. He is passionate about creating a work environment in which everyone feels comfortable, valued and empowered.

In his current role, Jamie is responsible for the growth of Finder’s team while also designing and driving business initiatives to further enhance Finder’s unique culture.

Jamie joined Finder as the Global Head Of Talent, hiring across the spectrum of talent as the comparison website continues to expand into global markets, including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, Poland, and the Philippines.

Jen Leibhart

Senior Product Manager, A Cloud Guru

Jen LeibhartJen’s background is diverse – having worked in product in 6 countries, on B2B and B2C and across several industries. She loves understanding people’s motivations, decisions and behaviours to create successful products only slightly more than collaborating with teams to execute or getting it to market. Jen believes in bringing people together to create, share & achieve while having fun.

Jen is the co-founder of Product Anonymous, a Melbourne based professional organisation for learning & sharing product management knowledge, growing understanding of the discipline and sharing the insanity of the job with others who relate. Jen is also one of the organisers of Product Camp Melbourne.

Elizabeth Griffiths

Senior Product Manager, hipages

Elizabeth GriffithsI have 15 years’ experience supporting teams to build digital products and websites. Currently, I’m a Senior Product Manager at hipages building a new product in partnership with the NSW Department of Education to make it easier for tradies to access jobs at public schools.

I’m passionate about using data to inform product strategies and decisions that deliver customer value and achieve business goals. I also think it’s important to motivate teams by enabling their autonomy through communicating business goals and ensuring the team understands the ‘why’ so that they have a clear purpose.

I enjoy meeting other product people and place a lot of value on the product community we’ve built together in Sydney. l led Women in Product (now Product Women) for 1.5 years and was recognised as a 2018 Leading Women in Product for building the new community of 900+ people in 18 months.

Andrea Ho

Growth Product Manager, Atlassian

Andrea HoAndrea currently manages the cross-flow growth strategy for some Atlassian products, where experimentation and hypothesis-driven-design are her key tactics. Previously, she owned machine-learning, mobile and collaboration products at Ansarada, and online tax forms for businesses at MYOB. Andrea originally started out in a small tech start up – Practice Ignition, as the fourth employee – doing anything she could that wasn’t development! Her passion for solving customer problems, coupled with a background in design are what inspired her to take the leap into Product Management.

Rebecca Jackson

Digital Workplace Manager, NEXTDC

Rebecca JacksonRebecca Jackson is Digital Workplace Manager at NEXTDC, leading the employee experience with digital tools. She has been building intranets, nurturing enterprise social and facilitating internal communications since 2009. In that time she has worked within retail, government and telecommunications sectors, and within human resources, communications, transformation and information technology teams. She has also dabbled as a consultant, worked for an intranet vendor, and has a side gig sketchnoting and illustrating. She is a Microsoft MVP (Office Apps and Services) and holds a Bachelors Degree in Business (Marketing).

Rebecca loves working with people to understand how they work, to help solve problems for the enterprise through Product Management, change management and user experience design. She is a volunteer and organiser at several local Product Management and Microsoft community events, and enjoys exchanging knowledge through presentations, industry publications, her blog, meetups and social media.

Rebecca Cooper

Group Product Manager, SafetyCulture

Rebecca CooperI’m a Group Product Manager at SafetyCulture looking after Inspections within iAuditor, SafetyCulture’s flagship product. My product management career has been a whirlwind, having started only 3.5 years ago as an Associate Product Manager.

Prior to being a Product Manager I worked in Customer Support for an Australian tech company named Ansarada where I found my love and passion for working in technology. It was fascinating to learn all about software development and when meeting Ansarada’s first Head of Product, I knew I wanted to be a Product Manager too. My life before Tech was in the Hotel Industry where I strived to be a Hotel Manager creating amazing experience for guests and their families. It’s funny in retrospect to see the parallels in the careers I’ve chosen. From the desire to create amazing holiday experiences for hotel guests to the passion for building incredible life-changing software for customers.

Laura Cardinal

Chief Product Officer, Compass Education

Laura CardinalLaura believes that amazing things happen when you align different types of people to a common purpose. She wants to live in a world where people feel confident to be themselves, and is passionate about creating cultures and teams that enable that to happen.

With over 18 years’ experience in leadership and technology, Laura has led large (200+) innovative teams of product managers, product marketers and engineers to build and launch software used and loved by customers all over the world.

When she’s not leading product teams at Compass Education, you may find Laura speaking or volunteering at women in tech events, singing bad songs really loudly at karaoke, and navigating her way through motherhood with her two daughters.

Nosh Darbari

Delivery Manager, Directory and Referrals - InfoXchange

Nosh DarbariNosh has been working in the UX space since before it became trendy. He then used his UX knowledge and skills to move into digital product management, where he is passionate about creating positive social impact and improving customer experiences.

Nosh thrives on building simple products that spark joy for customers & internal staff, such that they want to use them again and again and again. He has a keen interest in exploring new technology to help staff free up their time from doing repetitive tasks so they’re able to provide greater value. Nosh also gets excited by resolving complex problems through formulating a hypothesis then testing and learning and trying again…

His passion for designing better products, services & customer experiences stems from working in local government, education, start-ups and scale-ups across India, Australia and the UK.