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designed for the digital world

LTP DIGITAL 2022 | USA is an immersive, cutting-edge ‘edutainment’ experience, specifically designed to keep you engaged in a multi-screen digital world. Be entertained while you learn. Actively participate, make decisions that change the outcome of the day, socialise with others. This is a conference “reimagined”.

The 7 Ts Theme

LTP DIGITAL 2022 | USA has a powerful theme – The 7 Ts of Product-Led Transformation – to tie the day together.

If you have ever been to a conference that offers up a stream of random, unconnected talks, you know just how important this is. Unconnected talks are hit and miss. You love some; you have no interest in others (and this is different for every attendee ).

There is a clear learning objective for LTP DIGITAL 2022 I USA: at the end of the day, you will have the knowledge and tools to embark on your own product-led transformation.

$1.8 trillion was spent on transformation programs in 2021. Digital transformation alone does not deliver the expected return on investment. The evidence shows that Product-Led organizations yield better financial results. LTP DIGITAL 2022 | USA is all about how to become one of those organizations.

The Product Adventure

Before each talk, we will tell the story of a Product Manager and a decision they have to make. You will make the choice. Together, the collective, real-time vote of the audience will decide what our hero will do.

Then, we will listen to the talk and find out, if, together, we made the right choice or the wrong choice. The choice we make changes the scenario our Product Manager faces next. Good decisions put them in a better place; poor ones drop them back.

We won’t know until the very end of the day what our hero’s fate will be.

The Main Stage Talks

LTP DIGITAL 2022 | USA is a single-track conference, You won’t miss any of the main stage speakers.

Each speaker will deliver exclusive content – a new talk written for this event – crafted to cover one of the 7 Ts of Product-Led Transformation. Together, these industry thought-leaders will deliver a complete learning experience designed to enable your organization to become Product-Led.

Speaker Q&A 

Next to the livestream, there are tools to submit and vote on questions for each Speaker as they deliver their talk.

After each talk, we will host a Speaker Q&A where we will ask the Speaker your top-voted questions.

Livestream in 1080HD

LTP DIGITAL 2022 | USA will be livestreamed at in 1080HD.

While other conferences that “pivoted” to the online world use Zoom-like 3rd-party conference platforms that result in a “small talking head” over a slide, LTP DIGITAL delivers an immersive experience that is professionally produced.

Multi-camera. Live production switching. Livestreamed on our own platform.

If you can only choose one conference to attend this year, choose one that is specifically designed for the digital world. Be entertained while you learn.


The #1 thing past attendees of LTP DIGITAL said they loved about the event?

The social fun and networking.

LTP DIGITAL’s unique design facilitates conversations with hundreds more people than you might talk to at a physical event. The fact that you are participating in a product adventure with others opens up the doors to easy conversations.

The ease and fun of networking – along with the live chat tools we provide – make this a feature of the digital world that is far superior to the physical one.

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