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The Agenda

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Our Preliminary Agenda

Attendees will be learning How to Solve Gnarly Product Problems, with the Individual Track covering 7 Gnarly Product Problems, and a separate Leaders Track in the afternoon looking at Gnarly Problems Product Leaders Face.


Main Stage


Leaders Track Room

Morning Session

Gnarly Problem #1
How do I prove the value of good product management when executive expectations demand we focus on delivering unvalidated features faster instead of delivering as per our roadmaps?

Gnarly Problem #2
How do I align my efforts to deliver the outcomes in our roadmap when I rely on other teams focused on different business priorities?

Morning Tea

Gnarly Problem #3
How do I demonstrate the return on investment of the sequence of outcomes in our roadmap to gain trust and consensus across the organisation?


Afternoon Session

Gnarly Problem #4
How do I ‘do product’ when every organisation does it differently, every guru has a competing framework, and others say frameworks don’t even work in the real world?

Gnarly Problem #5
How do I balance my time to continuously learn about our market and customers while also doing the delivery work and managing my stakeholder demands?

Leaders Problem #1
How do I structure my team so they deliver better outcomes in my organisational type?

Individual track

Gnarly Problem #6
How do I know when I am the problem slowing down the delivery process? (Hint: it’s not a data problem.)


Leaders Problem #2
How do we strengthen individual and team resilience in constantly changing environments?

Gnarly Problem #7
How do I work with my leaders to make empowered product teams work in the real world (not just in product keynote land)?

after party

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