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The Agenda

Conference Day Agenda

On Thursday, May 18th 2023, attendees learned How to Solve Gnarly Product Problems, with the Individual Track covering 7 Gnarly Product Problems, and a separate
Leaders Track in the afternoon looking at Gnarly Problems Product Leaders Face.

In-Person Registration Opens

8:00 am

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Morning Session

9:00 am

Kent Weathers
Chief Product Officer,

Gnarly Product Problems
The Story Begins

Kirsten Mann
Chief Product Officer,

Gnarly Problem #1
How do I prove the value of good product management when executive expectations demand we focus on delivering unvalidated features faster instead of delivering as per our roadmaps?

Michael Fountain
Senior Manager of Product Management,

Gnarly Problem #2
How do I align my efforts to deliver the outcomes in our roadmap when I rely on other teams focused on different business priorities?

10:50 am

Morning Tea

11:20 am

Joel Brydon
Head of Digital Product,
Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Gnarly Problem #3
How do I demonstrate the return on investment of the sequence of outcomes in our roadmap to gain trust and consensus across the organisation?

12:05 pm


Afternoon Session

1:05 pm

Antonia Landi
Product Ops Consultant

Gnarly Problem #4
How do I ‘do product’ when every organisation does it differently, every guru has a competing framework, and others say frameworks don’t even work in the real world?

Amir Ansari
Global Head of Product Design,

Gnarly Problem #5
How do I balance my time to continuously learn about our market and customers while also doing the delivery work and managing my stakeholder demands?

By invitation only

1:05 pm

Adrienne Tan
Chief Executive Officer,

The Leaders Track

1:15 pm

Michael Sribney
Head of Digital Products and Platforms,
Australian Institute of Company Directors

Leaders Problem #1
How do I structure my team so they deliver better outcomes in my organisational type?

2:35 pm

Main Stage Afternoon Tea

2:10 pm

Leaders Track Afternoon Tea

3:05 pm

Robin Zaragoza
Founder and CEO,
The Product Refinery

Gnarly Problem #6
How do I know when I am the problem slowing down the delivery process? (Hint: it’s not a data problem.)

2:45 pm

Laura Cardinal
Chief Product Officer,

Leaders Problem #2
How do I strengthen individual and team resilience in constantly changing environments?

4:00 pm

Rachel Morley
Chief Product Officer,
Culture Amp

Gnarly Problem #7
How do I work with my leaders to make empowered product teams work in the real world (not just in product keynote land)?

Kent Weathers
Chief Product Officer,

Gnarly Product Problems
The Story Ends

5:00 pm

Digital Livestream Ends

5:15 pm

LTP After-Party

6:15 pm

Conference Ends