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LTP 2023 | APAC // Livestreaming from:

Sydney’s newest world-class events venue is the perfect place to host our Conference in 2023.

In-Person Attendees will enjoy 2,000 sqm of space on the ground floor, ease of accessibility and sweeping vistas of Royal Randwick, along with:

  • State-of-the-art technology and connectivity
  • Seamless livestreaming with our Digital Attendees
  • Award-winning catering and hospitality
  • Plentiful on-site parking and accessible transport links

Only 400 In-Person Tickets Available.

How to Solve Gnarly Product Problems

Gnarly problems are those problems we encounter in product development that aren’t just difficult or time-consuming; they’re at a level beyond that.

Each mainstage speaker at LTP 2023 | APAC will address a gnarly problem and teach you how to solve it.

The 7 Gnarly Product Problems


“How do I prove the value of good product management when executive expectations demand we focus on delivering unvalidated features faster instead of delivering as per our roadmaps?”


“How do I balance my time to continuously learn about our market and customers while also doing the delivery work and managing my stakeholder demands?“


”How do I demonstrate the return on investment of the sequence of outcomes in our roadmap to gain trust and consensus across the organisation?”


“How do I align my efforts to deliver the outcomes in our roadmap when I rely on other teams focused on different business priorities?”


“How do I ‘do product’ when every organisation does it differently, every guru has a competing framework, and others say frameworks don’t even work in the real world?”


“How do I know when I am the problem slowing down the delivery process?”
(Hint: it’s not a data problem.)


“How do I work with my leaders to make empowered product teams work in the real world (not just in product keynote land)?”

LTP 2023 | APAC Hybrid Conference
Will Blow You Away

Hybrid Event Like No Other

  • Combined in-person and digital conference
  • Integrated conference experience, whether you are at the in-person venue or participating online
  • Complete live real-time interactivity
  • In-person Sydney tickets limited to 400

6 Speakers + 1 Mystery Speaker

  • Learn from a diverse group of industry thought-leaders
  • Learn practical ways to solve gnarly product problems
  • The audience will decide live, on the day, who the 7th Speaker will be

Product Adventure

  • Participate in this fun, interactive activity that runs in parallel with the talks
  • Your collective, real-time votes change the outcome of the story
  • A great team-bonding, shared experience you won’t forget

NEW // Leadership Track

  • A special afternoon session designed specifically for Product Leaders
  • Focused on problems faced by those in leadership positions
  • For those managing product teams

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Who Should Attend?

Product Teams
Product Teams

Product Managers, Owners, Marketers, Leaders, Heads of Product and Chief Product Officers.

Adjacent Roles
Adjacent Roles

Business Analysts and Strategists, UX Designers, Growth Hackers and Digital Marketers.

Company Executives
Company Executives

General Managers, Founders,
CEOs and Board Members.

3 Reasons Why Your Team Should Attend LTP 2023 | APAC



Job candidates value opportunities
to work in organisations who empower
their product practice.



Employees value investment in their growth and learning, and knowing that the product practice matters to your organisation.



Exposure to the latest, cutting-edge product thinking will inspire new levels of innovation and better outcomes for your business.

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Easy Team Management

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Shared Learning Experience

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LTP 2023 | APAC

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LTP 2023 | APAC

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Past Speakers

Tatyana Mamut

SVP, New Products

Cameron Adams

Co-Founder and CPO

Larry Diamond

Co-Founder and CEO

Petra Gross

General Manager, Digital Products

Gibson Biddle

Ex-Chief Product Officer

Nicole Brolan

Chief Product Officer

Samuel Bright

Chief Product & Experience Officer

April Dunford

Author, Obviously Awesome

Rod Hamilton

Founder and Chief Product Officer

John Zeratsky

Author, Sprint

Andrew Bassat

Co-Founder and CEO

Steven Haines

Author, The Product Manager’s Desk Reference

Ebony Shears

VP of Product

Bill Bartee

General Partner

Corinna Stukan

VP of Product

Michael Fountain

Lead Product Manager

Kirsten Mann

Chief Product Officer

Ken Sandy

Author, The Influential Product Manager

Dan Olsen

Author, The Lean Product Playbook

Hugh McLachlan

Head of Product

Sherif Mansour

Distinguished Product Manager

Sally O’Donoghue

Head of Disney Streaming Services AU NZ

Wendy Glasgow

Head of Data

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