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The Theme

The Theme

All the talks are connected by the day’s theme. Each talk is a chapter in a single story – all working together to deliver the learning outcome for the day.


Product Navigation:
How to Chart a Course to an Uncertain Future

Change is accelerating faster than ever before.

There are threats from global economic instability, the impacts of climate change, and the significant social shift in expectations of how we work and interact with each other. Huge technology leaps have the potential to fundamentally disrupt every part of our lives.

It is the organisations that best imagine how the world will be five years from now who will develop the right product offerings to be positioned to win in an uncertain future.

Product Navigation: How to Chart a Course to an Uncertain Future is a new framework that builds upon the rules of voyage planning and applies a new lens to current product thinking.

It offers practical tools your team can use to imagine your customer of tomorrow and chart a course for your product that can significantly increase your likelihood of success in an uncertain future.

01. GAZE

How do we set a Horizon 3 destination?

Gaze outside-in to identify new trends that will materially impact our future.

Social, behavioural, economic and technological changes are happening faster than ever. Gazing allows us to see the Horizon 3 opportunities that allow us to make quantum leaps forward.

Gazing helps us discern how to benefit from change rather than be disrupted as we set a new destination in an uncertain future.

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What is required to reach that destination?

Appraise what is required to be able to reach the chosen destination.

The organisation may need to create a different operating environment, amass brand-new technology and systems, or appoint new people to lead the charge into the future.

Appraising identifies the organisational gaps and barriers to making the immense leap forward and avoiding running aground along the way. It ensures the organisation understands what’s required to take this quantum leap forward.

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How do we set a course when the future is uncertain?

Chart a course to ensure the team and organisation understands the path we’re taking.

Every course has uncertainty, but charting produces a Voyage Plan with milestones and expected course changes. While it is essential the team is comfortable with the unknown, the Voyage Plan offers our stakeholders assurance that we are meeting the key criteria of success.

The Plan helps track and makes our progress visible for all to see. With a Voyage Plan, we are set to sail.

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How do you navigate the journey to that destination?

This journey is unlike the journeys we’ve taken before.

We have to prepare the team and the organisation to Voyage into an uncertain future. Make it clear that there will be rough seas and uneasiness during this time. Delivery is not immediate, motivation wanes, unexpected hurdles surface, funding diminishes and plans deteriorate.

But, there are principles to follow and proven tasks to execute that keep the team and organisation safe along the way.

Voyage helps us treat the Voyage Plan as a living document and to course-correct as new information arises so that we can arrive at the final destination.


How do we measure progress to stay on course?

Monitoring helps us manage the uncertainty of the journey, enables us to refer to our Voyage Plan and course-correct along the way while we head towards the final destination.

Establish the information we need to monitor, including any early warning signs for each course. Log the data and keep our stakeholders informed of our progress.

Monitoring helps us decide which route to persevere with and which to abandon when we experience difficulties or key decision points along the way to our final destination.


How do integrate Horizon 3 into Horizon 1?

Take a moment and celebrate the successful voyage with the team and organisation. We’ve changed our world and our customers’ lives.

Share the learnings and shepherd the successful journey to a team that can nurture its customers and lifecycle.

Then, take those learnings and return to Gaze once more to set a new destination to take us into our next uncertain future.

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