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Team Packages

Build Your
Future Today

Invest in your team’s development, to ensure their skills continue to grow and stay with your organisation for the future.

Why Bring Your Team?

01. Recruiting

In a competitive job market, product management candidates value opportunities to work in organisations who empower the product practice. Show the rest of the market that your organisation is a good place for product people to work.

02. Retention

Employees value investment in their growth and learning. They value shared experiences, which foster team-bonding. They want to know that the product practice matters to your organisation. Strengthen your product team’s connection with this unique team experience.

03. Results

Expose your team to the latest, cutting-edge product thinking. Bring them 
to learn from diverse product practioners. Then, watch them bring a new level of thinking back into your organisation, which in turn, drives better outcomes for the business.

Consider these potential future costs for your organisation against the ticket price for LTP DIGITAL 2022 | APAC:


Cost of hiring. Includes advertising open positions, screening applications and interviewing candidates


Cost of onboarding. On average, it takes six to nine months of an employee’s salary to locate, train and onboard a replacement.


Cost of lost productivity. New hires simply aren’t as productive as the person they’re replacing and may take a year or two to get to that level.


Engagement. Assuming just one other employee of a similar level and pay bracket considers leaving.

Input Facts Recruitment (Source: AFR Apr 15, 2021 Natasha Boddy)

Ensure Your Team’s Development & Future

How Can I Maximise My ROI?

Become a Product Champion and get prepared to maximise your experience with LTP DIGITAL 2022 | APAC.

Getting Prepared

Build the buzz by getting your tickets today!
You can decide later who will attend.

Once you’ve got your tickets in hand, you can take your time working out which members of your team would benefit the most from the conference.

It could be your whole product team, or just the key stakeholders and leaders. Whomever you choose, you’ve got the ability to reassign your tickets at any time to another team member.

Plan ahead to make the experience one to remember! Create a checklist of any tech requirements, book a meeting room for the day, and – most importanly – sort out lunch, snack and drinks for the day with a catering plan.

Become Your Team's <strong>Product Champion</strong>
Become Your Team's Product Champion

  • Secure a budget & buy team’s tickets
  • Create a team profile
  • Book a meeting room for a Watch Party
  • Order catering for lunch
  • Make changes to your team – get the best in the room

Maximising The Experience

Lead your team as a Product Champion throughout the day, giving them the best possible experience.

LTP DIGITAL is an active learning experience, where your team will be exposed to the latest, cutting-edge product thinking while also applying that thinking during the day through the Product Adventure Challenge.

Encourage your team to compare notes and share their insights – both within your team and with the greater product community in attendance. This will ensure they engage with a wide variety of ideas, while also expanding their network of product professionals.

And don’t forget to celebrate together at the end of the day!

Download the LTP Cheat Sheet to see how your team can benefit from this Unique Shared Learning Experience.

Applying The Lessons

By learning together you’ll be better positioned to move forward in-step and navigate your new course.

A shared experience will put your team on the same footing to leap directly into applying the learnings from LTP DIGITAL 2022 | APAC directly back into your own projects.

After the Conference, get together and compare notes on what you’ve learnt.
You’ll be amazed to see just how quickly your team will utilise their new perspective and toolkit to drive greater outcomes for your organisation.

Set A Solid Foundation For The Future Of Your Product Team

LTP Corporate Packages and Tools

Our platform makes it easy for you to manage your team tickets. Buy the number of tickets you want now. Decide later who gets the tickets (add people anytime). Remove people from a ticket anytime and re-assign it to someone else. Automatic. Easy.

Special Team Discounts
Special Team Discounts

The more tickets you purchase, the bigger the discount. Enter the number of tickets you want to buy in the checkout and your corporate discount will be automatically applied If you add more tickets later, we will automatically apply the deepest discount.

Easy Team Management
Easy Team Management

Buy any number of seats. You don’t need to know who you will give the tickets to. You control this in your team account. Add anyone to a ticket. Remove anyone from a ticket and assign someone else to it at any time. Easy, automatic. You are in control.

Shared Learning Experience
Shared Learning Experience

Teams engaged in learning out-perform those that aren’t. Today, in this hybrid remote working environment, it is more important than ever to create shared experiences for your team. LTP DIGITAL is an amazing team-bonding experience.

Download the LTP Cheat Sheet to see how your team can easily benefit from our unique Shared Learning Experience.

Extend Your Learning


Get the Conference Video Replay and access to the
all-new Season Pass Episodes premiering 31 May 2022

  • Includes a ticket to the live Conference on 18 May 2022
  • Includes the Video Replay of the LTP DIGITAL 2022 | APAC Conference
  • Includes access to the additional all-new 2022 | APAC Season Pass Episodes
  • Includes access to the past 2021 | APAC Season, including the 2021 Conference Replay and the additional 2021 Season Pass Episodes
  • SEASON PASS ACCESS begins 31 May 2022 and ends 31 December 2022

Extend Your Learning


Change is accelerating faster than ever before. There are threats from global economic instability,

Huge technology leaps have the potential to fundamentally disrupt every part of our lives.
Will customers even want our products in 5 years time? What will their needs, their problems to be solved look like 10 years from now? Will their expectations for their customer experience be radically different from today?

Buy Your Team’s Tickets to LTP DIGITAL 2022 | APAC

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Team Packages

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2-7 tickets Save $20 per ticket

Package 2:

8+ tickets Save $50 per ticket

Automatically apply your savings:

Select the number for your team in the price box below. The price will automatically discount to the package price per ticket.


Conference Ticket

  • LTP Community Membership
  • Ticket to the LTP DIGITAL 2022 | APAC Conference
  • Video Replay of the LTP 2022 | APAC Conference
  • All Season 2: Product Navigation Episodes (2022)
  • All Season 1: 7 Ts of Product-Led Transformation Episodes incl. full Conference Video Replay (2021)


  • 2 - 7 tickets save $20 per ticket
  • 8+ tickets save $50 per ticket
Ticket quantity:

Season Pass Ticket

  • LTP Community Membership
  • Video Replay of all LTP EVENTS
  • Video Replay of the LTP 2022 | APAC Conference
  • All Season 2: Product Navigation Episodes (2022)
  • All Season 1: 7 Ts of Product-Led Transformation Episodes incl. full Conference Video Replay (2021)


  • 2 - 7 tickets save $20 per ticket
  • 8+ tickets save $50 per ticket
Ticket quantity:

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All Public Release prices in AUD and include GST.