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The Experience

Play an Active Role While You Learn

Unlike any other product conference out there,
you will make decisions that actively change the outcome of the day.

01 The Product Adventure Challenge

Your day at LTP DIGITAL is an immersive, cutting-edge ‘edutainment’ experience, built around a story.

You’ll follow the journey of a product team and the decisions they have to make. But here’s the twist – what happens next is up to you! Working as part of a team, you’ll compete against other teams as you guide the story – using real-time voting to decide what actions to take.

Was it the right choice or the wrong choice?

What will be the team’s fate at the end of the day?

Good decisions put you in a better position, while poor ones set you back.

02 A Shared Learning Experience

Unlike most conferences, LTP DIGITAL is designed to be an active experience for all those attending.

As you learn new insights throughout the day, you’ll also be playing a vital role in the outcome of the day through live chat discussions and voting on character decisions.

Use the live Miro board to share your thoughts on the process and highlight key takeaways with others.

Join the Slack channels to share your reactions and join chats happening around the talks – always a fun place filled with memes, lunch pics and so much more.

Networking Made Fun & Easy

A huge appeal of any conference is the social fun and networking with industry professionals.

LTP DIGITAL’s unique format enables you to have conversations with hundreds more people than you would reach at a physical event.

Our product adventure is a great conversation starter, and the live chat tools make it easy for you to connect with your peers.

03 Broadcast-Quality Production

No, this is not just another Zoom call. Far from more talking heads over some random slides, LTP DIGITAL delivers an immersive experience that is professionally produced.

We’re talking about a multi-camera setup – with live production switching – livestreamed on a bespoke platform.

This is the conference that’s been specifically designed for the digital age.

Livestreamed in 1080 HD

Delivered via our specially-designed platform, you’ll be getting a broadcast-quality HD presentation that truly delivers a premium experience – whether you’re remoting in from home or gathering around the big screen in the boardroom with your team.

Live Q&A Sessions with Speakers

Throughout the day, you can submit any questions you’d like the Speakers to answer, as well as vote on any other questions proposed. The top-voted questions will get asked in the live Speaker Q&A sessions after each talk.

04 Connected Talks with Clear Objectives

Conferences with unrelated talks can be really hit and miss. Some ideas might be really on target for you, while others may not seem as relevant to where you’re at. The unconnected subject matter makes it hard to please everyone.

We do things differently. All our talks are connected to a central theme, with a clear learning objective. At the end of the day, you will have the knowledge and tools to chart your own course.

05 All Content Exclusive to LTP

There’s nothing worse than paying to see industry experts talk, then later finding the same presentations for free on YouTube.

That’s why every talk you’ll see at LTP DIGITAL is completely new, created specifically to deliver a complete learning experience that helps your organization chart a course to an uncertain future using the latest thinking in Product Navigation.

What Our Attendees Say

You don’t need to take our word for it. Take a look at what others who attend Leading the Product events have to say about their experience and why they bring their teams back each year.

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