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About Us

Leading the Product is Australia’s Largest Product Management Community

What is Leading the Product?

Leading the Product is a global community for product professionals that hosts annual conferences that provide new insights and opportunities to grow, while also providing members with a content library where they can continue their learning journey at their own pace.

We curate the world’s leading experts, the latest thinking, and newest methods in product management – providing product professionals with an avenue to be inspired, to expand their knowledge and retain their passion in a supportive and inclusive community.

Leading the Product’s Mission

We believe that professional development is an on-going process, where there is always more to learn and new methods to try out. Our role is to create opportunities for product professionals to learn the emerging trends in product, and build real relationships and networks with other product people.

Who is it for?

Leading the Product is an inclusive community for product professionals at any stage of their career – from those just beginning their journey as a Product Manager or in an adjacent role wanting to start learning, to more experienced professionals in a Head of Product or Chief Product Officer role. There’s always something to learn and a way to connect.

About the Organiser

As the leader in product management professional services in Australia and New Zealand, Brainmates delivers practical, product-led change to scale-ups, SMEs and enterprise organisations.
With deep product knowledge built from real-world experiences over two decades supporting hundreds of organisations to uplift their product capability, Brainmates is dedicated to elevating product management through expert training, coaching, consulting and large-scale conferences.

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A Brief History of Leading the Product

2007: First Australian product community event

In 2007 Brainmates invited the fledgling community of product people to join them at their office in Sydney. This was the first Brainmates Product Talk and seven people attended and it was awesome. A community was born.

2007 - 2010: The Australian Product Community Develops

In addition to the Brainmates Product Talks, several other Product Management groups formed, including Product Mavens is Sydney, and Product Anonymous in Melbourne.

2010: The First Product Camp in Australia

Product Camps were a great way for the community to come together for a full-day event to talk about their practice. They were free and by design relatively unstructured. Over the next few years Product Camp Sydney and Product Camp Melbourne were the peak events for the year.

2014: The Paid Event Experiment

Product Camps were great but we needed see if the community would pay $99 to attend a Product Management event. In 2014 we partnered with the VIVID festival to run a mini-conference. The event sold out.

2015: Leading the Product is Born

In a collaboration between Brainmates and Seek, the first Leading the Product kicked off at Melbourne’s Federation Square selling out again with over 350 attendees at the first event.

2016-2019: From Strength to Strength

Leading the Product (or LTP to those in the know) continues to grow and expands to run in both Sydney and Melbourne. Every year is bigger than the last and every year the event sells to capacity.

2020: COVID Hits, LTP Pivots

Like everyone, we were disrupted by the pandemic and safety for attendees was paramount. But we are product people, and we eat disruption for breakfast! Leading the Product pivoted to deliver an unforgettable themed experience that had hundreds of product people around the world participating in the conference remotely and following the interactive story of Jane. #SAVEJANE

2021-2022: The New Normal

Despite the lockdowns and restrictions of the pandemic, Leading the Product continued to deliver the “7 T’s of Product-Led Transformation” and “Product Navigation: How to Chart a Course to an Uncertain Future” with gripping talks from Australia and around the world.

2023: The Hybrid Transition

Ultimately, Leading the Product is about a community of product professionals that come together. In 2023 we were able to celebrate the return of in-person events in Sydney, as well as delivering a live broadcast of the experience to the online participants.

2024: Back to the Beginning

We are so excited to be planning LTP 2024 to run again in Melbourne and in Sydney. Get your tickets before they sell out. (They always do!)