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TRUTHS: The 7Ts Of Product-Led Transformation

By Adrienne Tan
TRUTHS: The 7Ts Of Product-Led Transformation

Truth is the 7th T of the 7Ts of Product-Led Transformation.

Facing the hard truths about the progress of the Product-Led Transformation program is the difference between failure and success. The cost of not being a Product-Led organization is too great as markets are hyper-competitive and aggressive so it is important that we are attune to the challenges before our transformation efforts are derailed.

Transformation programs are without a doubt challenging. The truth is that Product-Led Transformations are even more difficult.

The words itself, ‘Product-Led’ is sufficient to cause confusion and friction in many organizations. Some teams may feel that product management make all the decisions in a Product-Led organization. Other teams may feel sidelined by the concept of being Product-Led. This is not the case. Being Product-Led means that all parts of the business transform how they think and perform. The whole of business puts modern product management practices at the core of how they create and drive value. Product thinking and doing is not exclusively used by product people.

The benefits of being Product-Led are well documented. Openview Partners for example produce a Product-Led Growth index which shows that Product-Led organizations are valued at 2 times more than organizations that are not. 

But to extract the benefits and reap the rewards of being Product-Led, the Product-Led Transformation message must be carefully scripted and packaged. The message must be shared broadly and often and more importantly, with conviction. 

Why? According to Change Management Insight, change is extremely hard.

“ The root cause of resistance to change is fear of the unknown.”

The uncertainty about new working methods, new role and responsibilities results into fear and confusion. 

This means that when we commence the change, we cannot ignore the challenges and by pass the hard truths. We must have strategies in place to ensure that problems are not only exposed but resolved humanely. We must reduce any unnecessary uncertainty and describe the impacts and solutions across each team intimately.

If we fail to do so, we may not succeed in delivering Product-Led transformation and in truth, fail to become a modern, competitive organization. 

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