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TRUTHS: The 7Ts Of Product-Led Transformation

By Adrienne Tan


As a Product Person, I can see no alternative but become a Product-Led organisation.

The cost of not being one is too great as markets are hyper competitive and aggressive.


Economies are global and companies these days work broader, safer, better and faster to deliver targeted products that solve specific customer problems. The “truth” is that Transformation Programs that do not broaden their reach to include and embed Product Management will fail. The evidence clearly shows that 70% of the global Transformation spend is squandered, leaving organisations with the same core problems; its inability to enable its people to decide what work needs to be undertaken.

A Product-Led organisation will have teams that make independent decisions within the organisation’s strategic agenda, and are able to identify and develop products that deliver optimal value for its customers and benefits for the organisation. Arriving at this destination is worth the effort because as Product People we are able to most effectively meet our promises to our customers.

So I will continue to ask the questions:

If we don’t enable our organisations to embed the customer in our organisation now, then, when?

If we continue to overlook the role of Product, then why bother?

If we do nothing, then, what?

Want to improve your company’s chances of Transformation success by learning how others transformed their companies and teams using Product-Led techniques? The evidence shows that Product-Led organisations yield better financial results.

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