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TRANSITION: The 7Ts Of Product-Led Transformation

By Adrienne Tan

Transition is the 6th T of the 7Ts of Product-Led Transformation. Change is perhaps the hardest part of any transformation program.

Like all journeys, all programs begin with anticipation and a flurry of activity, but after a few heady weeks, it can feel like nothing has happened.

How do you keep the momentum when the going gets tough?

Unfortunately, the change process itself takes time. Important changes generally cannot be completed overnight. This means that the deliverables and the long-term benefits described in the transformation program may not be evident for quite some time.

While the program Timeline and the Tell Tales outcomes can be used to educate people in the organisation about the transformation plan and potential pitfalls, during the transition period ongoing, visible internal publicity is required.

This may mean a series of events and activities in the transition period to:


  1. Regularly remind people in the organisation of the benefits of being Product-Led
  2. Communicate the overall program status
  3. Highlight the changes that have been implemented
  4. Illustrate the formal and informal activities the organisation will take place in the next month, and what this means for impacted people


Get on the Dance Floor

Transition is an opportunity for the transformation team to actually get on the ‘dance floor’ and experience the concerns about changes that may not have been explicitly stated.

During the transition it helps to keep abreast of the teams’ motivation and enthusiasm, and address undermining corridor conversations quickly. Don’t let tensions persist unacknowledged, because an unhealthy organisation cannot transform, and will not survive in a hyper-competitive marketplace.


Product Leaders Lead

The transition period is a critical time for Product Leader to step up and lead the organisational changes. It is an opportune time for Product Leaders to be heard and drive the Product culture throughout the organisation. The Leader’s role is to harness the attention of the organisation and help people to understand the following:


  • The importance of good Product Management.
  • Product Management is the responsibility of everyone in the organisation, and benefits from input from all areas in order to discover, design, deliver & grow the organisation’s products.
  • The organisation needs to embrace modern Product Management practices as a way to remain relevant in the market.
  • The changes aren’t due to the Product Team taking charge, but rather the Product Team is advocating the changes as a better way for the whole organisation to deliver value to the market.
  • Making products that customer’s love is the engine of growth for every organisation.

Keep in mind and plan for the fact that the transition period requires significant, ongoing conversations and presentations to drive the organisation towards its Target State, and to maintain alignment.



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Hugh McLachlan,
Head of Product, SafetyCulture


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