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The 7 Gnarly Product Problems


Preparations for
LTP 2023 | APAC are
in full swing! But what
exactly makes a
problem ‘gnarly’?

The theme for this LTP Conference is all about finding new ways to tackle
seven of the most gnarly product problems head-on.

Gnarly problems are those problems
we encounter in product development
that aren’t just difficult or time-consuming;
they’re at a level beyond that.

Think of that time when your process got all tangled up and seemed impossible to sort out. That situation where different teams couldn’t get in sync. That feeling when the feedback you’re getting gives mixed signals and the path forward becomes much harder to see.

But it’s not just the size of the problem that makes it gnarly; it’s also the sense of accomplishment – of relief and satisfaction – that comes when you solve the problem and find the special on the other side.

Yes, gnarly problems can be especially hard to deal with, but if they weren’t hard to solve then everyone would be doing it – and they wouldn’t have those special qualities on either side of the equation. Solving a gnarly problem? Now, that’s gnarly.

The 7 Gnarly Product Problems for LTP 2023 | APAC

  1. How do I prove the value of good product management when executive expectations demand we focus on delivering unvalidated features faster instead of delivering as per our roadmaps?
  2. How do I align my efforts to deliver the outcomes in our roadmap when I rely on other teams focused on different business priorities?
  3. How do I demonstrate the return on investment of the sequence of outcomes in our roadmap to gain trust and consensus across the organisation?
  4. How do I ‘do product’ when every organisation does it differently, every guru has a competing framework, and others say frameworks don’t even work in the real world?
  5. How do I balance my time to continuously learn about our market and customers while also doing the delivery work and managing my stakeholder demands?
  6. How do I know when I am the problem slowing down the delivery process? (Hint: it’s not a data problem.)
  7. How do I work with my leaders to make empowered product teams work in the real world (not just in product keynote land)?

    We frequently hear the importance of empowered product teams. Do we understand exactly what makes a team ‘empowered’? Is there even such a thing?

    If they do exist, what would they look like? How would they work? Should everyone be “empowered”? Are there other factors at play?

    Is there a way to determine how much agency individuals should have and how that might be built into the culture of the organisation?

    The real world is not black and white. Establishing and sustaining an effective working dynamic for your team inside a large organisation is difficult, and each one is different with its own unique challenges.

At the Conference, industry thought-leaders with experience in these specific areas will come together to teach you how to solve each of these gnarly problems.

So, make sure you get your tickets for your team to attend LTP 2023 | APAC either in-person or online on Thursday, May 18th, 2023!