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TELL-TALES: The 7Ts Of Product-Led Transformation

By Adrienne Tan

“Tell Tales” is the learning component of the Transformation Program.

It’s fair to say that we don’t have perfect information during the Transformation planning process. This will without a doubt have an impact on our plans.

To improve the Program’s success rate, obtain and learn from the lived experiences of other organisations that have gone through the process.

Create an Outreach Plan

One way to reduce the risk of failure is to create and run an “Outreach Plan” to learn from other organisations. The aim should be to help key stakeholders in your organisation to have realistic expectations about transformation and the process of transforming.

The old adage ‘stand on the shoulders of giants’ really applies when the organisation is embarking on a transformation program. It is without a doubt, a significant expenditure and while mishaps will occur, we should try to avoid failure if possible.

A good Outreach Plan should include:

  • Local and international companies of all sizes and life-cycle stages that have embarked on a transformation program / project.
    • This will give you the breadth and depth of stories you need. Keep in mind that larger companies tend to have large-scaled, heavily invested and planned transformation programs.
  • A range of roles, from the Product Leaders running the program, to the people experiencing changes due to the program.
    • This will give you a range of perspectives to consider.
  • A snapshot of the time that the transformation program began and when it ended (if it did).

Identify Problems Before They Occur

Another key element of an Outreach Plan is the design of an interview questionnaire that can be used to ensure you obtain the pertinent facts and stories from people you interview.

Create the questionnaire by mapping out the transformation journey in a series of stages, from the start of the program to the arrival at the Target State.

Prepare questions for each point in the journey.

Answers to this questionnaire can be used to help the transformation team to be aware of potential problems, and to be prepared for where the program may stumble.

You may want to use the Question Pyramid as a guide to crafting your questionnaire:

Having an Outreach Plan helps to ensure that a transformation program includes useful advice from the experiences of others.

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Janey Wong,
VP Ecommerce, Away

Learn from Janey Wong, VP Ecommerce, Away to look for the Tell-Tale signals that can indicate a transformation that is heading for success or descending in to chaos!