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This Month in Product Talks: September

By Isabella Reynolds
Product Talks September

September was an exciting month for Product Talks! There were 5 Product Talks held around the globe, bringing together the worldwide Product Community to share their love for Product Management.

The topics this month ranged from Dampening The Imposter Syndrome, The Importance of Language, to the Five Immutable Truths About Great Product Managers. We threw in an Ask Me Anything session in the mix as well.

Here’s a quick recap and highlights of some of our events.

Product Talks Melbourne: AMA With Agner Misiury

Hosted by Steven Forbes

Back on the 31st of August, Product Talks Melbourne, hosted by Steven Forbes, welcomed Agnes Misiurny for an Ask Me Anything session. Participants got a chance to ask Agnes their burning questions about enterprise products and innovation in large organisations.

The conversation centred around the culture of the corporate environment and team, in particular, “the whole Facebook move fast and break things type culture” and its relevance in large organisations. We also talked about the difference in managerial expectations, and the pressure to succeed in a startup versus a corporate.

Looking back, one of the highlights of this session was the discussion about human insights, strategy, and development, with reference to Martin Fowler’s Agile Fluency Framework.

An attendee commented,

One thing I’ve been taking a lot of stock on now is and from this conversation, just how corporate Australia seems to have been doing a lot of investment in that agile capability, technology capabilities space, and maybe in a few years, that investment will start to come to roost and we’ll be able to start moving faster and adopt that experimental culture with the product, but as you know, it’s a huge investment to get there. And I know most of us are probably impatient as well. We’re in product and we want to see results.”

Agnes continued,

Now that’s really a good point. I mean, it’s kind of like a chicken and egg problem. You need to have the capability to build out the stuff, but does it create a new problem where you now have to be feeding that expensive capability that you’ve built out?”

We loved being a part of an engaging and insightful AMA session that traversed a range of topics from Agile processes, the startup world to leadership skills and corporate culture.

To wrap up this event, we’ll leave you with a great one-liner from Agnes about innovation.

An innovation can be a service or a process change, or whatever. But you need to be open to those things and not be always looking for technical solutions to things.”

Product Talks New York: Dampening The Imposter Syndrome In Product Management’ with Adrienne Tan and Terri Soller

Hosted by Andi Mastrosavas and JJ Rorie

There was an exciting new addition to Product Talks this month; a New York chapter was added to our group! On Tuesday, September 14, 2021, the first-ever Product Talks New York kicked off with ‘Dampening The Imposter Syndrome In Product Management.

We loved hosting the dynamic duo, Terri Soller and Adrienne Tan. Together, they tackled what it feels like to be an imposter, from both their respective leadership and Product Management perspectives. Adrienne said that “Product Managers suffer from Imposter Syndrome because of their broad scope of responsibility. There is no also formal education path that supports our path to Product. When we get there, we feel like an imposter because we believe we didn’t earn our right to the role.”

Terri likened Imposter Syndrome to a feeling, suggesting that it has nothing to do with a lack of confidence or competence. Imposter Syndrome is an annoying voice that repeatedly prevents you from completing a task or showing up, even though you are qualified and experienced to do it.

But guess what! “70% of people we deal with on a daily basis all have experienced some form of Imposter Syndrome. We are not alone.” Imposter Syndrome can be dampened by acknowledging it, reaching out and asking for help, and then getting feedback from others. Otherwise, to quote Terri, “it will grow in the dark”.

We found the pair shared some really powerful insights on the topic that resonated with the Product community. Some of the most notable quotes to mention are:

“It is an exposure feeling. That while I am sitting here talking in front of this great group of people, they are going to find out that I know nothing.”

“Imposter Syndrome is a feeling, not a fact. And there’s a big difference between the two. It’s not your personality trait. It’s not who you are. It’s kind of a sense that comes and goes, depending on where you are and what you’re doing.”

And that’s a wrap on Product Talks for September!

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