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Humans of Product: Goodness Ehizode

By Rebecca Dorsay
Meet this week's humans of product goodness ehizode

Meet this week’s Humans of Product, Goodness Ehizode. Goodness is a Nigerian native who runs her very own Product Management Podcast called, Everything Products.

“I have a podcast where I interview people and talk about products. I’ve been doing it for about three months now and talk about everything related to products from the development phase to the market stage and everything in between.

I recently interviewed Nils Janse, the founder of Delibr, a product management tool .  And I have interviewed many others from engineers to marketers to developers. I like to speak with everyone who’s involved in the product development process.

I’m really looking forward to getting return listeners; people who would subscribe and keep listening and give me feedback.”

But despite having a Product Management podcast, Goodness did not start her career in Product,

This week's humans of product goodness ehizode tanning

“My journey into product management started when I was doing digital marketing.

I was marketing a product, a financial app for business owners when we had this issue with the app. The app got so many downloads but there were very few people actually using the app.

I was in the marketing department. I had nothing to do with user experience but I was really interested in why people were downloading the app without using it.

So, I decided to join the user experience team. I did a lot of research, called the customers, got feedback and then I started getting really interested in UX in general.

It turns out people weren’t using the app because our customer base was small business owners. Small business owners are busy running a business and therefore did not have time to learn how to use the app!

Through this customer research though, I got really interested in UX in general. So, I went on youtube, read books and really started to gain knowledge on user experience. Then I signed up for UX/UI boot camps and ended up getting this free three-week boot camp to learn user experience.

I had to quit my job to attend and from there I started designing user experience full time. I would say that was my first foray into product and then I transitioned to product management because I thought my versatile background in customer research, marketing and UI was well-suited to the industry.”

Goodness is currently working as a Product Manager at a tech company as well as helping set the stage for future women in technology,

Humans of Product: Goodness Ehizode

“I work with  Revocube technologies. We are an educational software company that provides innovative solutions for school management..

I also work with an NGO that empowers women in technology.

I’m very passionate about seeing women in the tech industry. There aren’t many women in the tech industry, especially in Africa which is why I want to champion the cause. I really want to see more African women in tech!”

As for the Product Management industry in Nigeria, according to Goodness, “Lagos is the Silicon Valley of Africa!”

”More and more people in Nigeria are moving into Product Management. A lot more companies are learning about Agile and learning effective ways to manage products. We are beginning to develop more products in Nigeria. There are a lot more startups popping up.

So, with this boom in product development, there’s been more demand for Product managers so the industry has been going really strong in recent years.”

With Product Management growing fast in Nigeria, Goodness had some advice for all her fellow Product Managers out there,

“Product managers have to prioritize so many things at different times, the user, the business, or the business goals, and as a result, there’s confusion on which to prioritise. I think what product managers need to remember is that the user is the most important in the product development space. This is because, without the user, the business would not grow.

Product Managers should focus more on driving user satisfaction and make sure you’re making products that are user-focused. To scale a business, you need to make sure that you keep the user at the centre while also keeping an eye on business goals.”

Goodness left us with her final thoughts on Product Management and why it’s such a great industry,

”Product is amazing because you get to be involved in the entire product development from the ideation stage up to the development space through to continuous iteration. You get to be involved in the entire process and interact with people, talk with stakeholders, talk with engineers. That’s definitely the fun part for me.”

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