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LTP DIGITAL 2022 | APAC: Disrupt or Be Disrupted

Frame 370

was on Wednesday,
May 18th, and what
a day it was!

From the moment the Main Stage opened at 8:30 am AEST to when the after-party commenced, #LTPCON was jam-packed with excellent speakers, insightful breakout sessions, an audience-decided product adventure story and - in an LTP world-first – an interactive team’s competition!

With nearly 900 attendees coming together from over 100 companies across the Asia-Pacific region, it was a day of connecting and looking to the future of product management.

Whether at an office watch party or individually from home, engagement was at an all-time high, with Miro boards and Slack channels steaming with activity across the day.

The amazing feedback from the day shows what a difference a conference that provides an immersive, cutting-edge ‘edutainment’ experience can have to the effectiveness of product professionals and teams.

The Theme

LTP DIGITAL 2022 | APAC was organised around a central theme:
Product Navigation: How to Chart a Course to an Uncertain Future

We live in a world where change is accelerating faster than ever before.

Global economic instability, climate change, social shifts, and huge technology leaps all have the potential to disrupt every part of our lives.

With those disruptions come exponential leaps in customer’s expectations.

It will be the organisations that best imagine how the world will be five years from now who will develop the right product offerings to be in a position to win.

Disrupt or be Disrupted.

Product Management is the function responsible to innovate, but, too many of us spend the vast majority of time in Horizon 1. Our Horizon 1 toolkits alone are not adequate to drive disruption in Horizon 3.

The Product Navigation framework builds upon the rules of voyage planning to apply a new lens to current product thinking. It offers practical tools to imagine our customers of tomorrow and to chart a product course to secure our future and build Horizon 3 experiences today.

The steps of the Product Navigation framework are:

01. GAZE

The Talks


The talks started with a keynote message from Mark Pesce – the multi-hyphenate Futurist and host of the award-winning podcast ‘The Next Billion Seconds’.

There is no better person than Mark to answer the most important question of the day: What might tomorrow look like and why should product people deeply care about Horizon 3?

Mark’s insights certainly caused many of us to shift our mindsets, and it’s always important to remember that our only defence against the future is to be prepared for it.

Mark Pesce, Keynote Speaker


The morning session continued with a session on GAZE from Katy Cooper, 
the Director of City Futures for the City of Hobart.

Katy helps organisations build stories and plans for a future we can’t see yet. She had lots of insights into how an organisation can go about setting a Horizon 3 destination.

Katy spoke about the need to place a bet and set a new Horizon 3 destination.

GAZE is much more than a lightweight review of competitors in the current marketplace; it is a thorough assessment of what the future might hold.

Katy Cooper, Speaking on GAZE


The morning session of talks concluded with Michael Sinclair, the Director, Connected Care Clinical Platform at Cochlear, speaking on APPRAISE.

Michael is a driving force for large-scale change in the biomedical industry by focusing on the ‘what’ before the ‘how’.

Michael said that we need to identify what is required to reach our Horizon 3 destination. We need to investigate the organisational capital required to journey to the destination and compare that to our current organisational capital.

This will allow us to chart our course forward.

Michael Sinclair, Speaking on APPRAISE


After lunch we had Catherine Arnold, Director of AI Product at Seek, 
kick-off the afternoon session with her talk on CHART.

Catherine’s extensive experience in Horizon 3 meant she could share from experience the strategies that get you to a final solution.

Catherine stressed the importance of setting a course – even when the future is uncertain. The goal of CHART is to garner the voyage’s guiding principles, produce a Voyage Plan, and assemble the provisions for the journey.

Catherine also said to keep the scale of the opportunity in mind, especially in terms of knowing when to call your bets. Set a timeframe upfront and don’t just keep going. We can always stop and pick a project up again later when the technology required has matured.

Catherine Arnold, Speaking on CHART


Marie Truelove, Head of Product Management for CSIRO’s Data61 group, 
took the stage next to speak on the subject of VOYAGE.

Marie’s team at Data61 are experts on long product voyages, developing new products in ambiguous environments.

Marie spoke of the importance of knowing how to navigate the journey to the destination. There are principles to follow and proven tasks to execute that will keep us safe along the way.

A key lesson from Marie was on the importance of using feedback from the work to validate our assumptions and develop a message that will continue to inspire and motivate those working on the product.

Marie Truelove, Speaking on VOYAGE


Scott Savage, VP of Product & Technology at ResApp Health, followed with his talk on MONITOR.

Scott’s work with ResApp illustrates how unpredictable external factors will change the way a company must position themselves to innovate. Scott spoke of the need to measure progress to stay on course. It is critical to identify leading and lagging indicators that allow us to course correct.

It is in MONITOR that we decide which routes to abandon and which one to focus on at key decision points along the way.

Scott also warned of the over-reliance on metrics as a guide to keeping pace with the market. Metrics are based on assumptions, abilities, and beliefs, and these must be constantly tested to see if they still hold true.

Scott Savage, Speaking on MONITOR


Finishing the talks on the Product Navigation framework with ARRIVE 
was Alex Connolly, the CTO and Co-Founder of Immutable.

With ARRIVE, there are big decisions to be made. Should we place another Horizon 3 bet or focus our capital on driving a return on investment?

Alex intimately knows what drives a company to bet big on their own future to emerge as a winner in the space, and shared his experiences with us.

Alex spoke about not being afraid of making mistakes.

Making a product is essentially betting on the future. If we’re too concerned about the possible consequences of making mistakes, then we won’t move fast enough to succeed.

Alex Connolly, Speaking on ARRIVE

As always a highlight of the day for the audience was the change to
directly submit questions for each speaker for the Speaker Q & A
session following their talks.

The Product Adventure Story

One of the things that sets an LTP DIGITAL Conference apart from the pack is that the audience is an active participant on the day.

The attendees shaped the story of Abby, the Product Development Director, at BioDrive Plastics in the Product Adventure story told in parallel with the speaker’s talks.

From her first day on the job, to the drama with Steve, Gina and Bradley, all the decisions Abby made were decided by audience voting.

The votes determined how Abby’s career progressed through ups and downs, setbacks and innovations.

In addition to the fun of making decisions for Abby, the Product Adventure is a great way to embed your learning on the day in a relatable, real-world context.

The Teams Competition

But, this year the Product Adventure unfolded differently than in the past.

This year, the audience was split into 12 teams who competed to see sail their ship across the Pacific Ocean the fastest.

The first 4 rounds saw a new leader every time in a topsy-turvy competition, but, in the end it was Team 11 and their trusty vessel ‘Shippy Ship Ship’ that were the winners of the inaugural LTP Cup!

The votes determined how Abby’s career progressed through ups and downs, setbacks and innovations.

In addition to the fun of making decisions for Abby, the Product Adventure is a great way to embed your learning on the day in a relatable, real-world context.

The Experience

One of the benefits of a Digital Conference is that there were many ways to enjoy the experience. From the livestream, to Miro, to Slack… everyone had a chance to participate and network with others.

There were also in-person Watch Parties this year, with big screens and catering adding great atmosphere to the day.

But those working remotely didn’t miss out either.

LTP DIGITAL is all about connectivity, and with chats and channels live throughout the day there were more ways to connect than ever before!

And that’s a wrap for the LTP DIGITAL 2022 | APAC May 18 conference. 
But what you learned on the day only matters if you do something with it.

LTP Season Pass

LTP Season Pass delivers 6 additional Episodes after the Conference.

Each Episode contains an all-new talk each focused on how to implement one step of the Product Navigation framework.

There is a Worksheet Assignment that helps guide you through implementing what you learn.

The season kicks off on 31 May with Episode 1: GAZE starring Adrian Croot, the VP of Products at Forge.


Here is the Season Pass Episode schedule:

  • Episode 1: GAZE starring Adrian Croot, VP of Products, Forge, premieres on 31 May 2022
  • Episode 2: APPRAISE starring Adrienne Tan, Co-Founder and CEO, Brainmates, premieres on 7 June 2022
  • Episode 3: CHART starring Mark Cripsey, Chief Product and Data Officer,, premieres on 14 June 2022
  • Episode 4: VOYAGE starring Sarah-Ellice-Flint, Strategic Designer, Vow, premieres on 21 June 2022
  • Episode 5: MONITOR starring Sourabh Pandey, Chief Product Officer, Ansarada, premieres on 28 June 2022
  • Episode 6: ARRIVE starring Barb Hyman, Chief Executive Officer, Sapia, premieres on 5 July 2022

If you missed the Conference, an LTP Season Pass gives you access through 31 December 2022 and you can watch the event that everyone is talking about.

If you had a Conference Ticket, you can upgrade to a Season Pass for $250 on your Account Page.

Season Pass also gives you access to all of the Season 1 content on The 7 Ts of Product-Led Navigation, which includes the full 2021 Conference Video Replay and the additional Season Pass Episodes.

In 2023, the LTP APAC Conference will be a hybrid event – with both in-person tickets and livestream-only tickets available.

Tickets will go on sale in September.