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LTP DIGITAL 2021 – APAC wrap: the highs, the hits and the heroes

By Sarah Mitchell

LTP DIGITAL 2021 had a massive audience this year with over 900 people attending. What we saw this year was a greater variety in the ways that people consumed the conference. From those at home managing children and family roles to those at their workplace enjoying it with the rest of the team on the big screen.

LTP DIGITAL 2021 wrap: Product–Led Transformation – in progress.

Another Leading the Product has wrapped! We had amazing speakers engaging 900+ product professionals with totally original content – all on the theme of Product-Led transformation. But it wasn’t the type of conference where you sit back, sip a drink and passively watch – the chat fizzed during the speeches as we all followed the journey of Jack, our Product Hero, and helped him decide how to transform Amazing Bank into a Product-Led powerhouse.

Then, after each speech, the action flowed seamlessly to the workshops, Miro boarding and networking rooms. We couldn’t get enough of the vibe from our clever, chatty Product Community. In case you missed it, this is what it looks like when hundreds of Product Peeps are unleashed on a Miro Board!

And what did our audience think? Here’s a snapshot.

The 7Ts of Product-Led Transformation

We theme Leading the Product because we think it helps make the day more interesting, more memorable and more useful – and so easier to implement what you learned afterward. This year our theme is Product-Led transformation. It’s a hot topic right now. Many of the world’s best companies (think Amazon, Apple and Google) are Product-Led and many others are following their lead and trying to transform their companies’ operating models – US$1.3 trillion was spent on digital transformation in 2020 according to CIO magazine. It’s a divisive topic though, many Product People disagree on what it means, how to do it and even whether you should call it ‘Product-Led’!

This year we explored it, unpacked it, and walked our community through the 7 Ts of Product-Led Transformation – triggers, tactics, timeline, talent, tell-tales, transition and truths. Each of our speakers developed completely new content, specifically for the conference, covering one of the Ts. As the day continued, we built a complete picture of how, why and when you should transform your organisation into a Product-Led Powerhouse.

And what were our highlights?

Kathrin Baumann Linkedin Post

Seeing our Product Peeps again! With large get-togethers and travel still COVID-tough it was brilliant to see so many friendly, excited, passionate product people.

The interactivity. From the buzzing Miro Board to the scintillating side-chat, workshops and virtual-coffee-chat we caught up with loads of old friends and made many new ones.

Image of people enjoying chatting online
Meet Jack

The story. We loved seeing everyone get behind Jack, our Product Hero, and help him decide how to transform Amazing Bank’s fortunes. There were ups and downs as the audience made wrong turns and faced new challenges. All the while cheering on Jack!

The build-up. We loved how each of our speakers built up the Product-Led Transformation theme until by the end we gained a full picture of how to totally transform your organisation.

Corinna Stukan Vimeo shot

The diversity. While COVID has delivered a lot of downers, one of the positives has been how our expanded virtual world has enabled people to experience Leading the Product in different ways. Whether it was as a team, at home while looking after the kids, from another country, or in-between meetings we loved the diversity of people and experiences.