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LTP 2024 | Theme Announcement!

By Adrienne Tan

In the past four years, we have been buffeted by massive disruptions.
Product People who resist these disruptions will struggle.

Instead, Product People need to embrace DISRUPTION.

We need to recognise when disruption is starting, and be able to respond effectively to the changes and challenges that it will bring.

That’s why the theme for the Leading the Product Conference in 2024 theme is “Disrupting the Product: Mastering When and How”.

Seasoned Product Managers understand that change is a constant, and we can attest that the global macroeconomic and social landscape has experienced profound changes in the last four years.

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic left indelible imprints on the global economy. In 2020, it triggered a notable decline in international trade while compelling a rapid acceleration of digital transformations across various industries. Subsequently, in 2022, the tech industry underwent a tumultuous period characterised by substantial layoffs at giants like Google, Meta, and Salesforce.

The repercussions of this downturn reverberated throughout the start-up sector, leading to a discernible impact on funding. According to KPMG’s Q2 Venture Pulse Report for 2023, investment plummeted to a mere US$1.1 billion, starkly contrasting the US$3.64 billion invested during the same period in 2022.

Consequently, we find ourselves adapting to evolving competitive environments and striving to thrive within them. Our goal is not just to weather change but to flourish amidst it.

LTP 2024 | Disrupting the Product: Mastering When and How

At Leading the Product in 2024, our primary focus will be on mastering disruption – both proactively and reactively. By honing our ability to detect early warning signals, we can respond proactively with effective solutions once the threat materialises.

To effectively anticipate potential disruptions to our products, we must remain vigilant and attuned to various triggers that can signal impending changes. We can strategically plan to disrupt our product and anticipate disruptions arising from internal and external sources. With this in mind, we can adopt a proactive stance to navigate and thrive amidst disruption.

We will be exploring the theme of “Disrupting the Product” by considering some critical triggers of disruption and look to how we can master them.

At LTP 2024, our speakers will impart invaluable insights and expert strategies to empower you in weathering disruptions and skillfully leveraging them to your advantage.

They will unveil a well-crafted formula for not merely surviving but thriving amid these transformative events.
We invite you to join us to gain the knowledge and skills needed to navigate these triggers effectively. By participating, you’ll equip yourself with the tools to ensure your products maintain their resilience and innovation in an evolving business landscape.