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How To Get Ready for LTP 2023 | APAC – Digital Attendees

By Gerry Tan

We're excited to welcome you to LTP 2023 | APAC, so here’s some important information for Digital Ticket holders.

Check Your Tickets

If you haven’t done so already, it’s time to log in to Leading the Product and check that your ticket to LTP 2023 | APAC appears in your My Account section of the website.

If you’re a Team Leader or have purchased tickets for others, you’ll need to ensure that each of your team members has claimed their ticket by accepting your invitation and registering for the event.

Haven’t invited your team yet? Simply log in to the LTP Member Portal and send the invitation link to each team member personally.

You can then check via the LTP Member Portal which team members have accepted your invitation and registered, giving them access to the conference on the day.

Pre-Conference Networking Begins at 8:00 am / Conference Starts at 9:00 am

You will watch the livestream right here at

The Conference Starts at 9:00 am. Pre-Conference networking stats at 8:00 am. The LTP Slack Channel will be open for chatting and the Pre-Roll Video will be start on the Livestream page.

At 8:45 am, the live feed from the venue will start and you can watch the Main Stage filling up. The Opening Message begins at 9:00 am.

Get there early to network and socialise.

Have a Laptop and a Charged Mobile Phone

As #LTPCON is an interactive learning experience, you will want a laptop and a charged mobile phone so you can participate.


You will be using Slido throughout the day to ask questions during a Speaker’s talk, vote on which questions you most want to hear answered, and also for voting during the Product Adventure – where the real-time vote of the audience changes the story seven times during the day.

QR codes will be provided on Conference Day to access Slido for these activities, so please ensure you have a mobile phone or device with you that can read QR codes and has internet access.


The LTP Slack channel will be buzzing on Conference Day, and will be a key tool for networking with your fellow attendees, for discussing the talks, and more.

Organise Your Watch Party

A huge part of any conference is that it isn’t like any other workday. It’s not just another lunchtime session in the boardroom; it’s a whole day of learning and interacting with other product professionals.

  • Watch parties are a great way to make it a special day that will bring new energy to your team.
  • Book your biggest meeting room for the day – or go to a new space entirely outside your usual office!
  • Finish prepping your conference hub for the day by sorting out lunch, snack and drinks with a catering plan.

5 Tips On Maximising The Conference Day Experience

  1. If you’re part of a team, organise an internal comms channel to swap insights. Get a group chat going so whether you’re attending in-person, digitally or both, your team can share their insights and thoughts on the day.
  2. Share your product thoughts and opinions on social media with the hashtag #LTPCON, and engage and respond to other product people to continue the conversation.
  3. Take notes to collect the day’s learnings, and document all the “aha moments” as they happen. At the end of the day you can share notes and opinions on what impacted you the most.
  4. Get out there and network! A conference isn’t only about learning – it’s also about meeting new product people so that you can grow your network and gain even more insights.
  5. At the end of the day, take some time to celebrate. It’ll be a big day, and you’ll deserve it!

Applying Your Learnings Back In The Office

A vital part of any conference experience is showing the return on investment – both within your own team and to the organisation as a whole.

A great way to ‘strike while the iron is hot’ is to get your team together and conduct a learning retro once you’ve all returned from the conference.

  • Assign a team member to capture the insights and recommendations that come out of the discussion, as this will give you an understanding of what your team learnt from the LTP 2023 | APAC experience.
  • With each insight, also ask your team how they might apply these learnings to improve the product practice at your company.
  • Once your retro is done, share these insights and recommendations with the rest of your organisation.
  • You could do this with a ‘Town Hall’ meeting with a Q&A, through a smaller presentation to managers or smaller groups with a concise summary, or by publishing the team’s insights and recommendations on the company intranet (or equivalent).
  • Most importantly, speak to your peers and colleagues to share your insights. A simple chat in the break room can be a big step towards broader acceptance of product practices within your organisation.

We’re excited to have you with us for LTP 2023 | APAC!