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LTP 2023 | APAC – The In-Person and Digital Experiences


What will be the difference in
experience when you attend
LTP 2023 | APAC either in
person or digitally?

This #LTPCON will be an event unlike anything we’ve done before – with a new hybrid format that offers real-time connectivity between in-person and digital attendees as we livestream from the Winx Stand at Royal Randwick in Sydney.

What can in-person attendees expect?

There’s nothing quite like the buzz you get from attending #LTPCON in person.

Our hybrid format in 2023 features seamless livestreaming – offering real-time interactivity with people attending online worldwide on top of the energy of being in the room and part of the show as it happens.

You’ll have a multi-channel viewing experience at the venue, with massive screens featuring HD-quality live feeds and side relays, plus Q&A sections and a vox-pop stage where you can get involved.

Beyond the seven mainstage speakers and separate afternoon session designed specifically for those managing product teams, you’ll also enjoy the space to meet and network with product industry leaders – as well as bond with your own team outside your usual environment.

All this, plus award-winning catering and hospitality at the venue – and don’t forget the afterparty!

What can digital attendees expect?

Our hybrid format in 2023 provides a five-camera, professionally-produced livestream that captures the stage, the speakers, the audience, and the venue – all in 1080 HD. This includes all of the polished on-screen graphics, slides and views you’ve come to expect from our past digital conferences.

You’ll also get to experience real-time interactivity with the on-site venue, including the ability to ask our speakers a question directly via Zoom, vote live in the product adventure story, watch videos from the vox-pop stage, and so much more – all from the comfort of your own home or your office viewing party.

Combined with live networking and slack channels, digital attendees will experience the same speakers and come away with the same amazing insights to change their business with.

Whether you decide to attend in-person or digitally, LTP 2023| APAC will the product event for 2023 that you don’t want to miss - so make sure you and your team join us on May 18th, 2023.

To attend LTP 2023 | APAC in-person or digitally, be sure to secure your tickets.