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Introducing Product Talks Singapore

By Adrienne Tan
introduce product talks Singapore

Introducing Product Talks Singapore! Over the next 5 months, Leading The Product, in partnership with IMDA, will be bringing a series of Product Talk events to Singapore.

These digital events are designed to showcase the Product career path and explore the skills and mindsets required to move from Associate to Product Executive.

Each digital event has been curated to offer you:

  1. Unique speaker stories and learnings
  2. Q&A time
  3. Networking opportunities during and after each event
  4. Targeted discussions with experts in breakout rooms

These interactive events are also an opportunity for the burgeoning Singaporean Product Community to come together, meet each other and build long-lasting professional and personal friendships. Friendships in Product are particularly important when we need a friendly ear and a steady voice to help us navigate challenging Product activities at work.

We encourage every Product person in Singapore to come and be a part of the growing Product scene. But if you have to choose, there are more details about each event below.

Event 1: 15 October 2021 at 5pm SGT – Get Your First Role and Thrive in Product Management 

Come to this event if you are looking to break into Product Management or are new to the Profession.

We will have 3 panellists and a facilitator during this session who will probe and draw out the personal experiences of each panellist.

We’ll ask each panellist to share the following:

  • Why did they decide to become a Product Manager?
  • What steps did they take to ‘break into Product?
  • Who, if anyone helped them ‘break into’ Product?
  • What was their first day in Product like?
  • What tasks were they asked to perform?
  • How did they accelerate their learnings during their first role in Product?

Plus! Recruiter Support

We’ve also asked 2 recruiters to be a part of this event. You’ll have the opportunity to go into separate breakout Zoom rooms to learn more about the Singaporean Product job scene.

Event 2: 10 December 2021 at 5pm SGT – How to Accelerate into a Product Leadership Role 

Come to this event if you are an ambitious, mid to senior Product Manager looking to become a Product Leader.

We will have 2 Product Leaders present and share their Leadership journey with this community.

You’ll learn:

  • The path to Product leadership
  • About the adaptive skills required to present yourself as a leader.
  • How to demonstrate your skills and abilities in front of people that can help propel your career.
  • The balance between doing the Product job and coaching others how to do their Product job.

Plus! Competition Time

You’ll get a chance to win book vouchers by inviting other Product folks and engaging in a specific Singapore Product Talks slack channel after the event.

Event 3: 11 February 2022 at 5pm SGT – Building Product Led Cultures

Come to this event if you are a Product Leader looking to learn how to respectfully change the organisation’s current status quo and want to develop Product-Led culture throughout the organisation.

We will have 3 panellists and a facilitator during this session. We will structure a thought-provoking discussion with game-changing Product Leaders about how they’ve tackled bureaucracy, challenged traditional mindsets and instilled modern Product practices in their organisations.

Specifically, we’ll discuss:

  • What does Product-Led even mean?
  • What are the benefits of becoming Product-Led?
  • Why should we even become Product-Led?
  • How do we start the Product-Led journey?
  • How do we know when the Product-Led journey is off track?What do you say to a CEO who isn’t motivated to change?

Plus! Lucky Door Prize

There’ll be a lucky door prize at this digital event. Some lucky person (will that be you?) will win a ticket to LTP DIGITAL 2022 | APAC.

More Good News!

These events are free to attend. All you’ll need is a PC, internet connection and Zoom.

Need more than a 1-hour event to get your product fix. Join us at our 1-day conference LTP DIGITAL APAC | 2022.