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Humans of Product: Connecting Our Product Experiences

By Adrienne Tan

Leading The Product was created as a place for Product People to come together to share, to learn, make lifelong friends and, most importantly, to belong.





Belonging is core to being human. “It is hardwired into our DNA”, according to the HBR. Belonging means we feel comfortable being seen. We trust the people in the group and can share our challenges, our successes, and our true selves.

Belonging is particularly important if you’re in a profession like Product Management. We all know that it can be difficult to succinctly explain Product Management to our peers. Sometimes, it is almost impossible for others to knowingly grasp the span of the work we perform. This lack of external understanding can lead us to feel that our work is under appreciated, and potentially undervalued.

Leading The Product has fostered that sense of belonging through regular conversations with the Product community, and at our annual conference and regular monthly Meetups. The face-to-face contact was deeply entrenched. The level of interactions has changed as COVID has shifted our interactions online. Creating “Humans of Product” is an opportunity to preserve and hopefully deepen our connection with our community. At a time when our conference and Meetups are digital, we wanted to expose what is happening behind the computer screen and to build stronger connections.

So, please feel free to share your daily trials and tribulations as a Product Person with us. You may send us photos, videos, snippets of your day and long form stories. We will re-share with others. It’s a way to feel human and show that our work matters. Humans of Product is our new way of demonstrating that while our products and geographies are different, our experiences as Product People connect us as a community where we all feel like we belong.  

Every month we will feature a Product person from our community on the “Humans of Product” blog. So, keep watch for your monthly dose of Product folk to help keep us all connected as we navigate this new way of life.

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