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Changing the World Through Radical Products

By Isabella Reynolds
Changing the world through radical products

Are you on board for changing the world through radical Products while embracing responsibility? Join Product Talks New York and two radical Product chicks to learn how…

It is time to get our thinking caps on and join a pair of radical Product chicks for the next Product Talks New York event!

Adrienne Tan, CEO of Brainmates and Radhika Dutt, Author of ‘Radical Product Thinking: The New Mindset for Innovating Smarter’, will be speaking around to change the world through radical Products while embracing responsibility.

But what is the significance of this topic?

In the last decade, as innovation has increasingly become short-term driven, we’ve invested in adopting methodologies such as Lean and Agile to harness the power of iteration and innovate faster. We’ve invested in a fast car, but our ability to set a clear destination and navigate to it hasn’t kept up.

When we iterate without a clear vision or strategy, our products become bloated, fragmented, and driven by irrelevant metrics. They catch “product diseases” that often kill innovation. In the process, we also create collateral damage in society in the form of digital pollution.

In this talk by the amazing author of Radical Product Thinking, Radhika Dutt, and hosted by the always insightful Adrienne Tan, we’ll challenge conventional wisdom about what makes a good vision and talk about why the current mantras for product development fall short.

You’ll learn a radical and repeatable model for building world-changing products. It’ll give you practical tools to develop a vision for the change you want to bring about in the world and translate that systematically into reality.

A little bit about our radical Product chicks:

Radhika Dutt

Changing the world with radical products: RadhikaRadhika is the author of the book ‘Radical Product Thinking: The New Mindset for Innovating Smarter’.

She is an entrepreneur and product leader who has participated in four acquisitions, two of which were companies that she founded. She advises organizations from high-tech startups to government agencies on building radical products that create a fundamental change.

She is currently Advisor on Product Thinking to the Monetary Authority of Singapore, Singapore’s financial regulator and central bank.

She serves on the board of the independent publisher, Berrett Koehler, and the Association of Product Professionals.

She also teaches entrepreneurship and innovation at Northeastern’s D’Amore McKim School of Business. She graduated from MIT with an SB and M.Eng in Electrical Engineering, and speaks nine languages, currently learning her tenth.

Adrienne Tan

Changing the wordl with radical product: AdrienneAdrienne is CEO of Brainmates, a Product Management and Consulting company. She is a Product geek who is well-known for her green hair, forthright opinions and formidable Product expertise.

She has been championing Product Management since 2000, earning international recognition (and an enormous LinkedIn following) for raising the profile of the Product Management profession within Australia and the Asia Pacific.

She regularly speaks at business and Product events in Australia and around the world.

Adrienne is a highly experienced senior product and business leader with broad expertise across various aspects of business such as business and product strategy, stakeholder management and product design and development.

She specialises in product leadership and loves to manage, coach and nurture teams of product managers and tech leads.

Adrienne spends (and replenishes) her inexhaustible energy through punishing fitness sessions and then relaxes with wine, cheese and chat.

If you are captivated by the sound of this, then join us on Tuesday 30 November 2021, at 5pm ET. And it is an online event, so you can join us from wherever by registering through the Product Talks New York meetup page.

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