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Free sessions that bring together
industry thought-leaders to discuss,
share and showcase.


The annual immersive experience
where product people come
together to learn and grow.

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The on-demand video platform for
product learning, insights and skills


How Product, Design and Engineering Can
Collaborate to Deliver Customer Outcomes

With Jake Causby, Vinny Lawrenson-Woods and Jo Cooper


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How to Take a Pragmatic
Approach to Product Discovery

With Assaph Mehr
28 September 2023

Leading the Product’s Mission

We believe that professional development is an on-going process, where there is always more to learn and new methods to try out. Our role is to create opportunities for product professionals to learn the emerging trends in product, and build real relationships and networks with other product people.

What is Leading the Product?

Leading the Product is a global community for product professionals that hosts annual conferences and monthly events that provide new insights and opportunities to grow, while also providing members with a content library where they can continue their learning journey at their own pace.

We curate the world's leading experts, the latest thinking, and newest methods in product management - providing product professionals with an avenue to be inspired, to expand their knowledge and retain their passion in a supportive and inclusive community.

Who is it for?

Leading the Product is an inclusive community for product professionals at any stage of their career — from those just beginning their journey as a Product Manager or in an adjacent role wanting to start learning, to more experienced professionals in a Head of Product or Chief Product Officer role. There’s always something to learn and a way to connect.

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Over 1,000 attendees
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