5 Minutes With Neil Doyle, Delta MV - Leading The Product

5 Minutes With Neil Doyle, Delta MV

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Neil DoyleNeil Doyle from Delta MV will be another one of our fantastic speakers. Neil comes to Leading The Product with a different slant on product management; that is the study of behavioural economics and neuroscience to understand buyer behaviour and how to capitalise on this to maximise ROI.
We’re so looking forward to hearing Neil speak as he rounds out our great line up of speakers.

Meet Neil here:

1. How did you become involved in the field of behavioural economics and neuroscience?

I have always been frustrated by marketing and research that did not deliver an ROI for clients. You would do a great piece of research and then it just sits there in a report not being used. So in my mind successful research (and marketing) has always been linked to behavioural outcomes.

My Doctoral thesis looked at behaviour change communication in public health. Specifically I was interested in how even if people knew something they did not always act upon it. For example health professionals who continue to smoke even though they are fully aware of the negative health outcomes.

In more commercial work this helps us to re-imagine marketing to really be about behaviour change. Brand building and product development are all about changing the behaviour of our customers (for commercial advantage of course!). The new wave of work around Behavioural Science from disciplines such as Behavioural Economics and Neuroscience are providing us a framework to think and act upon this in a much more rigorous fashion.

We all know the old adage about half the marketing budget being wasted, these new perspectives give us a framework to ensure more focus on what really delivers a ROI.

2. What do you enjoy most about what you do?

There is always a great buzz when you see a client successfully go to market with an idea that was grounded by an insight you brought to the table.

3. What are the biggest challenges that businesses face today?

There is an inevitable arms-race between products and messages; always trying to find something that makes you stand out in a crowded market place. Not all businesses can be successful so what are the insights that can you give you an edge to ensure you win.