5 Minutes With Barrie Barton, Right Angle Studio - Leading The Product

5 Minutes With Barrie Barton, Right Angle Studio

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Barrie BartonLeading The Product intends to raise the level of discussion in Product Management. We want to challenge standard conventions and mediocrity. So we’ve brought together a diverse group of speakers to inform and educate our Product Management community. To get to know our speakers better, we’ll be probing their thoughts about Product Management and Marketing before the big day.

We found Barrie Barton who leads Strategy for Right Angle Studio refreshing in his response to 3 questions we posed.

1. What do you think are the biggest challenges facing Marketers today?

There is a battle raging for peoples’ attention, with ever more combatants entering the war zone every day. The marketer is a warrior whose communication skills might be help in the fight, but ultimately they want a great product as a weapon. Being able to talk well about a product is not half as useful as having a great product to talk about.

2. Where do you think the biggest opportunities lie for Product Managers?

I couldn’t tell you what the biggest opportunities are, but my suspicion is that we will only develop them if we are truly visionary. To me this means emancipating ourselves from over-reliance on customer feedback and data interpretations. Think human. Trust instincts. Have confidence. Be opinionated. Remain critical.

3. What drives you?

I am micro-ambitious… I have no ‘big plan’. I am driven by the idea that tomorrow I will learn, think, work and help better than I do today.

What we love about Barrie’s response is that it encourages us to challenge ourselves and our per-conceived ideas about customer insights. We’ve been spoon-fed that customer research (in some form) is a prerequisite for new product development but perhaps this convention needs to change. Do we have too much customer data?

As Product Management practitioners we need to constantly question the way we think and the way we do things. We need to get out of our safe zone in order to grow and become a Product craftsman or craftswoman.