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An immersive digital conference

For those who’ve been to Leading the Product before (and those that haven’t), you’re going to LOVE Leading the Product (Digital). Watch Kent explain how we’ve created a digital conference with a stellar in-person experience.

About us

What is Leading the Product (Digital)?

Leading the Product is Australia’s favourite Product Management conference. It has been running since 2015 and has grown and SOLD OUT every single year – more than 1,200 people attended in 2019. In 2020, we have reimagined it as an immersive digital experience featuring Product Leaders from around the world.

This year you will join hundreds of passionate product people for an interactive day of joint learning and co-creation on the “7 Ps of Product”.

You’ll learn from and interact with well-known leaders like Steven Haines, Caitlin Blackwell, April Dunford, Kate Leto, Klaas Raaijmakers and Christine Sou as well as product peeps from around Australia and the Asia-Pacific.

Our Audience

Who should attend?

  • Product Managers
  • Product Owners
  • Product Marketers
  • Product Leaders
  • Heads of Product
  • Chief Product Officers
  • UX designers
  • Business analysts and strategists
  • Developers
  • General Managers
  • CEOs
  • Founders

All of these people will be at Leading the Product.

7 Ps A 2020 SPIN

What are the
7 Ps of Product?

It’s our new way of envisioning Product Management. The 7 Ps (Problem, Purpose, Position, Performance, Price, Promotion, Practice) allow Product Managers to rise above the day-to-day slog and truly think through what makes a successful Product and how to make it happen. It builds on the best aspects of the 7 Ps of marketing, orients them on Product Management, and makes them fit today’s world.








08:00 – 08:45 am

Early networking


08:45 – 12:45 pm
Morning session

Opening message

Adrienne Tan
Chief Executive Officer, Brainmates

The 7 Ps of Product:
The story begins

Kent Weathers
Chief Product Officer, Brainmates

Speaker 1

Caitlin Blackwell
Head of Product, Seek

Speaker 2

Frank McKenna
Chief Product Officer,

Activity breakout
Session #1


Speaker 3

April Dunford
Author of “Obviously Awesome: How to Nail Product Positioning”

Morning tea


Speaker 4

Steven Haines
Founder: Sequent Learning Networks and author of “The Product Manager’s Survival Guide”

Bio break


Speaker 5

Patrick Campbell
Founder/Chief Executive Officer, ProfitWell

12:45 pm

1:25 – 5:00 pm
Afternoon session

Lightning talks

Quinnie Chen
Product and Design Manager

David Wang
Founder, Product Tree

Speaker 6

Christine Sou
Product, Transferwise

Bio break


Speaker 7

Klaas Raaijmakers
Head of Product, Stan

Afternoon tea


Speaker 8

Kate Leto
Author of “Hiring Product Managers”

Activity breakout
Session #2


Speaker 9

Jeremiah Lee
Engineering Manager, InVision

Closing message
The 7 Ps of Product:
The story ends

Kent Weathers
Chief Product Officer, Brainmates

5:00 – 6:00 pm
Social session

Social breakout
Activity session


Mentors and Motivators


Klaas Raaijmakers
Klaas Raaijmakers

Head of Product, Stan

Christine Sou
Christine Sou

Product, Transferwise

April Dunford
April Dunford


Caitlin Blackwell
Caitlin Blackwell

Head of Product, Seek

Kate Leto
Kate Leto


Steven Haines
Steven Haines


Patrick Campbell
Patrick Campbell

Founder/CEO, ProfitWell

Jeremiah Lee
Jeremiah Lee

Engineering Manager, Invision

Frank McKenna
Frank McKenna


Lightning speakers

Quinnie Chen
Quinnie Chen

Product and Design Manager, Momatu

David Wang
David Wang

Founder, Product Tree


Event tickets

What’s included?

  • All day access to the event
  • Live Q&A with speakers
  • In-day workshops
  • Virtual exhibit area
  • Networking
  • e-Book – with speaker slides and notes to keep after the event


From 1 Aug to 31 Aug


GST included

Booking can take up to 5 minutes, no hidden charges or fees.

Our Benefits

Why should
you buy
a ticket?

Great question, we’re glad you asked. With face-to-face
conferences cancelled around the globe, there has been an
explosion in quickly-pulled-together e-events. This is not one
of those.

We have purpose-built Leading the Product (Digital)
specifically for the digital world. This means we’ve taken the
best bits of Leading the Product (in-person) and re-imagined
the entire experience so it will wow you from wherever you are.

You will:
  • Be fully immersed in a shared experience with like-minded lovers of Product Management. You will be led through an interactive day where each speaker and each experience builds on the last to form a complete picture of best-practice Product Management – the 7 Ps of Product.
  • Have an amazing time. Seriously, this is super important to us. Leading the Product is friendly, down-to-earth, knowledgeable, useful and fun!
  • Co-create an e-Book with the LTP team, our speakers and Product community leaders. You’ll have a complete take-home toolkit that you can use to educate your team and present it to senior leadership. It will include a transcription of the speaker talks and videos
  • Join a community of people that love Product. You’ll join small group workshops and discussion groups where you can laugh, learn and network with top Product leaders and others that know what it’s like because they’ve been in the trenches too.
You will NOT:
  • Be confronted by poor pictures and sound quality and that ‘brought-to-you-from-the-bedroom’ aesthetic – we’re talking top-end production values and event management.
  • Be sold to. LTP is not a sales event. We obsessively research, choose and coach the best speakers so they’ll blow your socks off on the day.
  • Be lectured at by so-so speakers with tired ideas. We’ve exhaustively researched, and found, a mix of local and global leaders with fresh ideas that are ready to rock your world.
  • Be bored and struggle to sit through a full day. We’ve carefully curated and composed the day to keep you engaged and interested throughout.

Not ready to buy a ticket?

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``I have been to the last 4 Leading The Product conferences and I come back to work completely re-engergised! There is a great mix of local and international speakers and it's also such great value for the calibre of presenters.``
Roanna Gunaratnam


``The best Product Conference around and it gets better each year.``
Michael Watson


“Leading the Product is hands down my favourite conference of the year, a great opportunity to rub shoulders with emerging product leaders, lots of learnings and lots of laughs!”
Laura MacIntyre


“LTP is the F1 of product management in Australia. Meeting amazing people and hearing from leaders is inspiring and refreshing for us often weary product people. It's important to remind yourself you're not alone and it's a really killer job!”
Phil Koziol

Zero Latency

“The passion, energy and enthusiasm from both speakers and the crowd were amazing to be part of and exceeded my expectations. To know so many of us across Australia and NZ to share this love of product management is awesome!”
Tim Nunn


“World-class speakers with ideas that continue to evolve every year.”
Belinda Ralston


“The leading event for Product Managers in all of ANZ. Everyone should go.”
Craig Brown

Everest Engineering

Event Sponsors

Our partners

Our Partners

Sponsorship and partnership

Without the help of our sponsors Leading the Product wouldn’t exist.

They’re also more than sponsors, they’re partners that share our love of Product Management and our determination to bring you an amazing experience.

We’re looking for more partners to help us take Leading the Product to the next level of awesome. If that sounds like something that you and your company would like to be involved in then we’d love to hear from you.

The organisers

Product champions

Brainmates has been championing Product Management since 2004. We do this by growing and supporting our fantastic Product Management community – which Leading the Product is a part of – and through our training and consulting services. We see our purpose as helping people and businesses to build better products to make a better world.


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