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The Season 2 Theme

Product Navigation: How to Chart a Course to an Uncertain Future

Change is accelerating faster than ever before.

There are threats from global economic instability, the impacts of climate change, and the significant social shift in expectations of how we work and interact with each other. Huge technology leaps have the potential to fundamentally disrupt every part of our lives.

It is the organisations that best imagine how the world will be five years from now who will develop the right product offerings to be positioned to win in an uncertain future.

  • 01. GAZE
  • 02. APPRAISE
  • 03. CHART
  • 04. VOYAGE
  • 05. MONITOR
  • 06. ARRIVE

The Next Evolution of Product Management

The McKinsey Three Horizon model has helped guide the sequencing of product investments over a period of time.

Horizon 1 and 2 aptly describes product management’s focus areas. We perform well in solving challenges presented in Horizon 1 and 2.

But there’s an obvious problem with this:

Our ability to exploit the future will be reduced if we spend 100% of our efforts and resources on H1 and H2. Exponential shifts in the market can even blindside us.

The next step in the product management maturity curve is to chart new ways to deliver exponential future value in a rapidly changing world.

How do we continuously drive value in Horizon 1 and Horizon 2 while working in parallel tracks to disrupt in Horizon 3?  Can we even deliver Horizon 3 ideas as fast as Horizon 1 ones in the existing product line?

Our research into the latest, cutting-edge product thinking led us to develop an all-new framework that applies a fresh lens to current product thinking.

PRODUCT NAVIGATION: How to Chart a Course in an Uncertain Future offers practical tools your team can use to imagine your customer of tomorrow and to chart a course that can significantly increase your likelihood of success in an uncertain future.

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