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Your Host

Jen Marshall

Jen Marshall | Brainmates

Jen Marshall is CEO and Senior Consultant at Brainmates. She has deep experience in Media starting out her career as a News Producer at BSkyB, London. Before leading the team at Brainmates, Jen was the Product Director at Fairfax Media. Jen has an Executive MBA from the Australian Graduate School of Management and a BA in Communications from Charles Sturt University. She is regular presenter at events on the state of Product Management.

Your Speakers

Ken Sandy

Ken Sandy | University of Berkeley

Ken Sandy is a 20-year technology Product Management veteran based in San Francisco Bay Area. He has led Product Management teams at an executive level at both fast-growth, early-stage companies, and for larger companies attempting digital transformations amidst industry disruption.


Ken is an Industry Fellow and Lecturer at the Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology at University of California, Berkeley, where he instructs a pioneering Product Management course equipping students with real-world tools and frameworks, and immediately applying them on complex product initiatives. And he is an Executive Product Consultant, assisting companies to drive growth through establishing focused Product strategy, and maturing their Product Management processes and teams.

Previously, Ken was Vice President, Product at Lynda.com – the premier online learning company acquired by LinkedIn. Prior, he worked for companies developing content and advertising platforms for independent publishers, startups creating mobile messaging and social networking solutions, and led business units based in the US and China. He is an alumnus of University of Melbourne.


More speakers to be announced soon


Where is it?

RACV City Club
501 Bourke Street

Getting there

By Taxi | Proceed to 501 Bourke Street.

By Train | From Flagstaff Railway Station. Walk 400m down William Street towards Bourke Street. Turn into Bourke Street. The RACV City Club is on 100m the right.

By Tram | From Tram stop William St/Bourke Street. Walk down Bourke Street towards Queen Street. RACV is 100m on the right.

From tram stop Queen Street - stop 4. Walk along Bourke Street towards William Street. RACV is 150m on the left.

The after party

501 Bourke Street